Sunday, July 06, 2008

Almost Ready for the Switch

Remember a few posts ago when I mentioned I'm going to stop blogging at QWOC and begin at my new blog. Well the new blog is almost ready to go. In fact I've already been doing some practice posts & I'm really loving my new blog home. So Frank, my new blog is about ready to launch. I have links to fill in and some other sidebar whatnot. Plus a little bit of formatting tweaks here or there. But overall I'm liking it a whole lot!

I can't decide if I want 3 columns, no columns or just my regular right side column. And I'm still trying to figure out just who I wish to link to and other fun stuff. Anyway I'm excited. And I think this new blog will be really great, honest & hopefully helpful to someone, somewhere.

Wanna take a peak? The new address is The blog is called Frank. If you have any thoughts please share them. I'm looking forward to helpful feedback.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm off to see Phoebe Snow at the Waterfront Blues Festival. Peace!

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