Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Race aint Everything but on October 10th it Will be

As we all know slavery sucked. And the effects of such soul crushing devastation still haunt the United States today. Reparations is basically an apology from those who have benefited from such a hideous institution in the form of money. Who has benefited from slavery? All white people. Yes even you, your mama, daddy & so on. Even I do a degree have benefited from slavery, because my African features sometimes pass for other lighter skinned ethnicity's I'm not always under the same types of scrutiny that my darker brothers & sisters get. But once many a person (usually white, but not all as my white friends are cool!) finds out I'm part negro, then I'm suddenly Black & being black means something.
Today I went to the blog Racialicious as I do several times a day and found a link to Portland local artist damali ayo's website reparations day. It's a project for Black folks who want to participate via performance art in raising public awareness on the history & effects of American slavery. Most of the comments on Racialicious about this project are thus far negative. I think perhaps it may in part be that folks are not getting that it's an art project & meant to be provocative. I personally find it to be refreshing and exciting & a great way for a few hours to practice being brave. Not only do I find it to be an exciting idea but I plan on participating!

Even better is that the next day is National Coming Out Day. I get to claim my Blackness & queerness in the span of a couple days! Anyway I've already ordered a tee-shirt. You can watch a video of Ms. ayo receiving & giving out reparations right here! It's called living flag and there are scenes from right here in Oregon!

Anyway I think it's going to be scary because there is so much racism & so much sweeping under the rug of the effects we still live with in our day-to-day lives. So much anger and fear but this is what art intersecting with politics is all about. If you want to join me -yes other people of color & people of non-color may do this or simply be allies & support, please contact me at my e-mail listed in the sidebar. You can also send a check to:

The Black Student Fund
3636 16th Street NW
4th Floor
Washington, DC 20010-1146 USA
"A very common question asked is "why should i pay reparations? I wasn't alive back then!" Well, as any probate lawyer will tell you, the debts of ones relatives are passed down through generations, and will continue to be until paid." damali ayo

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