Sunday, September 30, 2007

About Me

About moi-

Well I'm a love child of the 70's born in 1974 to an interracial couple. My mom & dad were almost 28 when I was born & during that time we all lived in the great state of California. After some drama between my parents my mom & I moved to Minnesota when I was 4 years old.

Some more drama followed us until I was about 8 years old when I saw my father for the last time & discovered I wanted to be a nun. But my life as a mid-Western Catholic ended after a series of pertinent discoveries about my self such as that I'm gayish, wanted to live on the west coast again & wanted to be free from religion.

At 24 I quit drinking & doing drugs because I'm an addict & alcoholic & had put myself through some funky shit. It was actually my 2nd stab at sobriety & though I have not had a drink or illegal drug since that time I had to change my sobriety date due to a nasty over-enjoyment to vicodin. My sobriety date is 11/15/05. I am so grateful for recovery programs such as AA & Al-Anon.

Currently I live in Portland Oregon with a cat & two tea-cup chihuahuas and my partner. We live in an area with too many hipsters making noise at three in the morning on their bicycles but are glad that a Stumptown coffee shop is nearby. We plan to marry (not legally which sucks because of our current system of discrimination) in August of 2008 and hope to get our honeymoon paid for by well wishers. For work I've dealt with books for over seven years and am still kinda underpaid.

My interests in no particular order include this blog & reading other peoples blogs, beading, crafts, astrology, reading, films, the arts, animals, spirituality, personal growth, yoga, walking, comedy & mystery TV shows, music, public speaking, justice and generally being the backlash to the backlash.

This blog started named as Redolence. I wanted to create a virtual space for the detailing of parts of my life that was like a scent almost. Scents conjure feelings & thoughts & I wished this blog to have a similar effect via the web. After a time I began to notice that there was not a lot of visible representation of queer women of color blogs out in the world wide web. That doesn't mean they don't exist as many queer women of color prefer the focus to be on things other than their racial, gender & sexuality status. And though I definitely focus on romance, silliness & non related issues I felt it was important to be visible as a QWOC so those that are like me don't feel so invisible & can feel more connected albeit virtually to others like us.

Not that I only want queer women of color to read this. In fact I hope what folks get from stopping by here is a peek into the brain of someone who may seem different but is as crazy, happy, sad, loving, goofy, interesting & boring as you, who ever you are. QWOC is about politics that effect especially folks whose identity encompasses multiple minority status but is also about the struggle day by day to keep on keeping on.

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misscripchick said...

nice to know more about you as i just recently ran across your blog :)

Sara said...

where are you guys going to honeymoon - do you know yet? i was speakin with me mum the other day & she mentioned she met your partner & how you both looked so happy together :)

ariel said...

Hey - I don't see your email address anywhere on yur site, but I wanted to invite you to submit a story to Portland Queer...

Call for Submissions

A New Anthology Edited by Ariel Gore (

I’m seeking first-person literary narratives by queer-identified Portland writers for a new anthology showcasing the diversity, hilarity, and talent of local writers. Stories can be fiction or nonfiction, but should have a clear Portland connection.

I’m looking for: Experimental and traditional short stories / short memoirs featuring queer characters, character-driven literary narratives, and stories that mention specific Portland neighborhoods, landmarks, haunts, or nearby destinations. I’m not looking for opinion essays on what it’s like to be queer in Portland and… I’m not looking for trouble! Please be prepared to change the names of the guilty.

Submissions (up to 5,000 words--shorter pieces welcome):
Ariel Gore / Portland Queer
P.O. Box 12525
Portland, OR 97212

Questions: arielfiona at gmail dot com

Deadline: May 15, 2008