Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Celebs, Ignorant Coworkers & Gandhi

Yesterday I met Shelton Hank Williams. The grandson of Hank Williams. Apparently he has a band named Assjack. Hmmm. Then last week I met Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club & other books. He purchased a childrens book & told me it was for research on his next book. Exciting indeed!

Today a co-worker opened a gritty ol' can of worms by sending a global e-mail asking their opinions on Powells carrying a magazine that has reprinted cartoons of Mohammad that offended many Islamic people in Europe & abroad. The responses from employees with not even pithy, just plum ignorant. Honestly I knew better than to read these uneducated e-mails, but curiousity got the worst of me. A few of the responses were prejudiced against Islamic people. Sometimes it makes me so sad to think of all the "progressive" people in the USA who are so unaware of their own predudice in the name of Freedom. Wow!

Today I was reading more about Gandhi. I wish to be much more like him.
Peace out y'all!

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