Friday, October 27, 2006

The Cardinals Did It

Woo hoo! It's done. Ove. Finished. I'm watching the celebration with glee! The St. Louis Cardinals have won the 2006 World Series. In 5 games! Good times.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

NaBloPoMo: Am I Nuts?

Well it's crazy to even attempt this but I'm a big copy cat when it comes to cool stuff on other folks blogs, so thanks to Zee's blog post on NoBloPoMo, I'm gonna do it too. "What the eff is NaBloPoMo?" you ask. Well it seems November is National Blog Posting Month. So it's a challenge to write a post a day on ones own blog. Check out's page on NaBloPoMo at

One thing that will make it easier to blog everyday is that my sweetheart will be on holiday for most of November. And I'll be house/cat sitting for her & am sure I'll have lots of whining to do about missing her. Plus there are many things I've been meaning to write about on this blog that I just seem to never get to. November always gets me in the mood to be more introspective so woo hoo... here we go!

In other news today I'm working on filling out my voting ballot. I must sadly admit there have been elections past where I just picked the dude/ett that sounded familiar or was a democrat and ya know, just voted. This time I'm educating myself on the issues & checking out all sides before just deciding. Other than voting I'm trying to get all my cold weather clothes that were just taken out of winter storage washed. I completely forgot I have off white cords. Had them for 2 years & cannot believe they're still not completely stained. Guess I can take care of my things. So screw you mom! Ummm.....just kidding!

With Halloween coming I've finally decided on my costume. Well mostly. I'll be some kind of witch/mistress of the night character. I thought about being Uhura from Startrek and something of what I call an equal oppertunity offender, an aborted fetus. Yes I know, I know but I thought it sounded pretty scary. Then I googled pics of them & nearly lost my dinner. So since I have this sleeky black dress and great MAC makeup along with my pal Andrea willing to let me borrow her wigs, I'm all set. Anyway that's enough from me. Peace!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Why I'm Voting No on 43

All my close friends know where I stand on abortion. Morally I'm against it. I don't feel that having irresponsible, unprotected sex makes abortion okay. There is no excuse for not taking precautions to keep from getting pregnant. I do believe life begins at conception. A life has been created and that is not to be taken lightly.

From a legal standpoint however, making abortion illegal has the horrific potential to force women into back ally abortions putting themselves at risk for infection, abuse & death. Taking two lives to pretend to save one makes no sense. And measure 43 passing would force teens who could not for whatever reasons tell their parents, to decide on alternative choices for abortion that may be unsafe.

The argument for passing 43 is that kids should not be alone when making the decision about staying pregnant or not and that by the parents being notified the daughters will get the help they need. And I agree that teens need resources/support when making such a huge decision. However the assumption here in this measure is that all teens have safe caring parents they can go to for something like this. Assumption/fantasy is not reality. There may quite easily be teen girls who are escaping the horrors of their home life, make poor decisions sexually and then find themselves pregnant. By being forced to tell unhealthy or possibly abusive parents their situations these girls could risk being further abused, kicked out of their homes or forced to have an abortion when they may have changed their minds at the last moment.

Conservatives seem to try & come up with laws that would make sense in "ideal" situations. But the truth is that with many kids their parents are the last people that should be notified in emergency situations. I would hate to see a young girl make decisions based on being between a rock and an ever harder place. I must concede that some teen women may rush into having abortions when they could have had loving parents help them. But one must also face the reality that passing a measure like this may drive a pregnant teen to runaway, have an unsafe abortion or worse, commit suicide. The pain of an aborting a baby I'm sure is for many lifelong and traumatic. I'd never do it & pray my loved ones don't. But for a young woman, the pain of possibly losing her life is just too much for us all.

Please view the
facts and then decide!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


The Cardinals won the NL Championship! The tie between St. Louis & the Mets was finally broken in the top of the ninth inning when the Cardinals scored 2 runs, making the score 3 to 1 St. Louis. So The World Series will be the Detroit Tigers Vs. the St. Louis Cardinals. You can get a plethora of information here or stay tuned to this little bloggie for WS updates.

Go Digging for Razor Clams/Fran's Incomplete Oregon Voting Guide

That's right you can go to the Oregon beaches & dig for Razor clams again! See Shelia's post on KINK for more.

It's Thursday already & my brain has been in a fog this week. I got the flu & a sinus infection at the same time. Soooo not cool. The sinus thing still has me sounding like a drag queen with a cold, but quite frankly anything that makes me feel more like a drag queen makes me happy.

So here's my unofficial voting guide from 1 of 2 Voters Pamphlet State Measures

Measure 39: NO
Measure 40: NO
Measure 41: NO
Measure 42: ?
Measure 43: NO
Measure 44: Yes
Measure 45, 46, 47 & 48 I'm still researching along with 42.

Two sources that I'm checking out besides the voters pamphlets are the Oregon Votes website that is linked to the AFL-CIO Oregon website & also believe it or not the Libertarian Party of Oregon website. Of which my voting this round seems to be opposite of their positions but sometimes that's the way it goes.

Off to work & life. Peace out y'all!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

She's the Tits

Warning: This post is not intended for readers who don't want to know about my sex life or are freaked out by lesbian sexuality or sexuality of any kind for that matter.

Yesterday my beloved & I had a breakthrough. Though some of the details need to remain unsaid (or written I suppose) I want to share this experience as well as I can because it's my life & such.

Yesterday I was stirred. So many new moments. After a new adventure in watching my sweetie perform a very special & favorite ritual of sorts we hit a wall soon after. That wall was within both of us I guess, but the focus here is my own wall. The inability to say in bed what I really want. How can I be laying there with this woman I claim to trust, yet can't tell her how much I wish she'd do certain things. My guess is this is very common in relationships. Anyway I just became hopeless, thinking perhaps I'll never be able to express my desires. While washing dishes later I began to speak to her about my fears around our sex. She in turn showed me great love & was honest about her fears. We moved on from the fear & became willing & open to our sexual journey.

Soon we went to see the movie "The Departed" which rocks btw. Then we went shopping. As in we went to a wonderful sex shop called "It's My Pleasure." We got some goodies of which I cannot wait to try out with her & we headed home for dinner & hot sex. The sex of course was not expected, as when it is I have trouble with that kind of pressure. But after munching on a Papa Murphy's veggie pizza it was time. My memory of our sex comes in (hot) flashes right now. The thing is I didn't feel scared to tell her what I wanted. I knew I was safe. So we had the best sex yet. She fucked me so thoroughly and lovingly I fell onto the floor after it was over unable to get up for at least 10 minutes. MY GOD she's good. I just wanna sing her praises. Anyway it's clear that sexuality is a journey. That's elementary. But expressing ones desire is scary as hell & if we find loving partners who can join us in the journey, I've learned, we can find the rapture we crave.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Song. A Dance. A Little Bit of Romance

My girlfriend has this habit of caressing me in my sleep. I awake to a darkened slightly puffy yet mischievous in the middle of the night grin. I turn to see her eyes smiling then I turn to fall back asleep. But I feel her fingers gliding over the skin of my back, ribs & butt. Feeling lucky and sleepy all I can do is fall fall fall.

Last night we went to see the Scissor Sisters at the Roseland Theater on Burnside. Though I only heard a couple of their songs on the radio I was excited to see them in concert all the same. The group did not disappoint. The band lead Jake Shears was a hoot. You can tell he's a man who needs a lot of attention. He has more energy in his pinky that my girlfriend & I combined. There was a great DJ as well. Sammy Jo is his name. Lovely mixing. There was this little band of dudes in white tees & pants and they announced their name, but I couldn't hear it. Something like Simple Sins or whatever. I'd like to find them & see if their CD is any good. Anyway Mary & I wiggled in our seats, doing what I call seat dancing. The crowd had energy galore and a few drag queens waved their hands in the air like they just didn't care. So my camera phone couldn't get vert good pics but the first one is a pic of the hot drummer in that band whose name I don't know. The other is a pic of the "Sisters" after the show ended & the scissors that helped light up the stage. Peace!

Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm in love
I'm in love
I'm in love!