Thursday, November 30, 2006

Last NaBloPoMo

Thank you geezus. I'm so glad. So now what. December I think I'll work on cleaning up this blog. Making sure things are spelled correctly, taking out illegal pics, just general cleaning. Since December contains my birthday, x-mas, mums b-day and New Years I think I'll dedicate some time to these celebrations and what they mean to me(duh).

Tonight I saw This Wonderful Life at the Gerding Theater with Zee. It was very good, save for the man sitting behind us who kep belching like a rabid cow the whole time. It was a great way to start the holiday season. Here's to another December, another year and just for today!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Not Much Sense

Well apparently the ol' Bush & Co. are at it again. This idea is so silly one can really only shake their head. Mark Morfords column today tells us about it and quite frankly I hoped he was joking until he provided this link. Umm what the hell is going on? Why are $50 million dollars of our darn tax monies going to fund abstinence programs that target unmarried adults under 29? I'm truly appalled. I mean it's funny. These conservatives don't want folks to get pregnant but don't want them to have hot gay sex either. They don't like it if were encouraged to masturbate as well. We can apparently only have married missionary position sex so we will make an army of the Lords children. WTF?

Abstinence education will never work. It will never work because humans are programmed to fuck. I know I don't swear much on this blog but I'm letting loose tonight. We all like to fuck. We fuck hard, soft, up, down and all around. Jesus made it so. Or at least God or nature of whatever gave us all these things called in polite company...urges. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a fan of just fucking nilly willy like I have. That stuff only gave me grief more that hot joy filled passion. But come on, folks wanna DO-IT! We wouldn't have yummy soft squishy "parts" otherwise. So what are we, a Country and World full of people with yummy genitals supposed to do. I say masturbate! Or have some hot, safer gay sex. That's right I said it. I'm advocating everyone to go to your bedroom and diddle your skittle. Choke your chicken. Pleasure yourself for the love of God and Country. And if you need a little human touch, go get that friend of the same sex or gender or at least someone who can't get you pregnant and fuckin' fuck already...with protection of course!

People, especially teens need to know it's okay and good and very normal to want to have sex. Shit I waited until I was 18. You know why? Because it wasn't forbidden. It was my choice. My mom never said, don't do-it or I'll kill you or that's nasty or you'll be a slut if you do. No, she said she would like it if I waited until I was married, but that it was my choice. And you know I think even at 18 I was still too young. Sometimes at almost 32 I feel too young. Because for me I have learned the hard way that sex can be a loaded activity. It's always more than just the "bump 'n' grind" as some say. To let go and open to pleasure alone or with others is no easy task at times. Why do you think so many folks drink? To be able to get slutty and fuck like a demon in the raw. I've learned since I've been sober that it takes love for me to do that. I know everyone else is different and that some can screw and such easily. And I have screwed as if I fell off a chair & onto someone else's mouth or cock. But for me to really show myself in that crazy mad tender raw way where we look into each others eyes and watch each other shake in primal bliss...That takes love.

So why not teach our teens to have rapture with themselves. That yes, sex can be very serious. Yes there very much can be dangerous life changing consequences. But there's nothing wrong with the urges. Nothing wrong with expressing passion. That our crazy-making society that thirsts for sex while bemoaning it doesn't have to rule our sex lives. That hot sex comes in many forms where fluids don't have to be exchanged. Okay I think I've ranted enough!

In closing I'd like to switch topics completely and mention that I get to stay over at my grandma's while I'm in MN. I'm so excited to see her. I miss her so very much. She is my heart and I just pray I don't bug her too much. She's 93 and I want to create calm and not anxiety for her. And I hope I get to see my BF in Minneapolis. It would make the trip perfect. Goodnight y'all!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Sweet One is Back

Short post tonight because I'm tired as heck. She's home and I'm so glad! More tomorrow!

Monday, November 27, 2006


Well her flight is late which with the snow today is expected. She lands in Seattle no less then comes the 3+ hour drive to Portland. So I'm cleaning her condo and checking on the SEATAC website & such. So I stopped at Fred Meyer today and it started snowing kinda. More like tiny iceballs that turned to slush instantly. It was fun but I knew it would slow down my baby getting back home. Arrrg! Ooh she just called and is tired but on her way! Yippee!!!!!! Anyway here's a pic I took of it today.

I liked the orange in the midst of the snow and grass & such. Now here's a story...

This weekend I was at this one place. I can't say where because one can get fired for saying stuff that has to do with work. So I'll just say I was at Play Land. Okay so while I was at Play Land I was helping this person. A person who consumes things that have words in them. The things I'll call Bools. And I'll call this person Angryevilelf. Angryevilelf came up to where I was taking money from other elves who wanted to give money for bools & straight up coughed-on-me! Like his germ filled air flowed at me. So I said to to him "please cover your mouth the next time you cough." I didn't say this bitchily ( I know it's not a word, just lay off already) but calmly and to the point.

Well Mr. Angryevilelf responded by saying to evilelf mistress "God people in Oregon are so rude" to which I said "well sir when you coughed your wind blew right on me & I don't want to get sick." This enraged Angryevilelf. I suspect that perhaps I may have also seemd like an uppity negress to him and perhaps it bugged him I had on Hothead Paisan tee that also said "Homocidal Lesbian Terrorist." He started going off on me about how rude I was and he couldn't believe I said that so I let him know that I was no longer willing to help him get his bools and that I would have someone else help him. he said good and asked for a manager and then ranted at the dude next to me that takes money from elves (not Elvis! ha!).

So the moral of the story is some folks have quite a sense of entitlement and don't want to treat other human beings what do you call 'em?.........OH yes...PEOPLE! If such a thing happens to you remember to breathe, not cowtow to some asshole and laugh it off. Laugh as soon as you can. Interesting enough when thee dude next to me was helping Angryevilelf, Angryevilelf coughed and guess what? He covered his mouth. WTF?

To answer M's question: Interactive Media Design.

Hothead Forever!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dear Santa/Halloween

Dear Santa-

I would like an iPod Shuffle. I'll even give you an x-mas kiss!


Originally uploaded by frankathlin.
Here I am at work this Halloween. Clearly my costume is that I'm a person who just woke up.


So at the party last night I was introduced to a girl wearing a very 70's dress. A gunny sack type dress. Her breast though small were well lifted and bound within the built-in laces of the top part of the dress. For some reason my eyes kept focusing on her bodice and especially her breasts. It was so odd because even though the visual was nice enough I just kept thinking of my girlfriends luscious breasts and how much I missed her and her yummy body. So the more I thought about her breasts the more I stared at this woman's tits and I finally had to walk away because I was starting to feel like a letch.

This morning while im-ing with my pal I realized that school work will be about 20 hours per week and I work 32 hours per week. That makes a 50+ hour week. Then there are meetings and my cat and my girlfriend and my own self to spend time with. Hot dog I'm going to be very busy! Little nervous about that because with the medical stuff I have that produces a daily feeling of exhaustion, I'm scared I'll fail. I know it's just my head trying to sabotage but the reality is I'm really going to be forced to take care of myself and put my needs first. And recovery comes first and that's that. I've done school & work before but I worked 22 hours per week and was able to use some of the loan monies for living expenses. This time the probability is that I'll need to work every single hour due to AIP costing a bit more and loans won't cover all school expenses. It will all work out. If you pray, send a little one to the powers that be for me to take good care of me.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Back from the Party

Well it was an excellent party. I'm tired and about ready for bed. This pic is how I looked tonight as I was waiting for the bus to take me to the bash. Geez I love my camera phone!


Today is a very quick post as I need to go to work soon and then get gussied up for the Decades party. I'll be wearing a lovely dress from the 40's which is my favorite decade. Only problem is the dress is quite long and I don't have time to get it hemmed. But maybe that's okay since I have to wear street shoes with the dress due to my ankle stuff. Hey at least I can walk! Hope to see some of you at the party tonight and if not have a lovely Saturday!

Friday, November 24, 2006

This is My Post Turkey Day Title

Yesterday I had a most perfect day off. I volunterred for a couple hours and then saw Casino Royale. I hate to admit this but Daniel Craig was a most excellent Bond. Very manly but also the most tender Bond I've seen. And his co-star Eva Green as Vesper has very pretty eyes. A fun film all around.

So my sweetie gets back Monday not Wednesday & I'm happy about that. Hopefully you regular readers aren't completly sick of me whining about how I miss her. If you are, your reign of terror ends after this weekend. Then you'll get to read me bitch about how busy my life is.

So NaBloPoMo has been quite an adventure. I've discovered some great blogs and ideas and sights. Inspiring is the word as the more blogs I perused the more changes I made to my own. One thing I have noticed is that there are a lot of the NaBloPoMo participants who are white. Maybe I'll organize a POC one or GLBT one or something. Another thing that bothers me is that the Fussy blog header looks a lot like a lynching scene. I left her a comment on it today but it kinda freaks me out & I'm not sure if I'm overreacting. Will y'all weigh in on this. Here we go. And I may get sued for having these pics on my blog & if so I'll take them down cuz I'm poor and can't afford an attorney.

Okay this is the header from Fussy. Now here are a couple of lynching pics.

What the hell?!?!
Please visit the website Without Sanctuary. It's very powerful and reminds us that Michael Richards comments about the good ol' days of hanging blacks is only so far away and very ugly indeed.

That's it from me. Tomorrow is the Decades Vintage bash celebrating 10 years of great vintage and benefiting Alzheimers Association of Oregon.

Here's the invite:
See you there!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm Going Home

Home is subjective but what I mean is I'm going back to Minneapolis to see my family for X-mas. The flight is books, seats are picked and now I just need to mentally/physically/spiritually prepare for the trip. Never have I gone home in the winter. This will be the first and I have no idea if I'll be warm enough. Portland is so temperate and the only time I've been truly cold is when several years ago we had an ice storm & I waited two hours outside for the #8 bus. I don't have snow boots but I do have wool socks & such from my snowboarding days.

Mentally and spiritually there are some things I have to prepare for because I have family shit (I know it's shocking!). My ma & I have a wonderful relationship when we're physically far apart. Get us in the same room and it's less than stellar. I love her and have forgiven her for the many painful moments of our past. The problem is she's still struggling with and unaware of her actions and reactions. From her lack of understanding her white privilege to expecting others to behave exactly the way she wants, it can be difficult for me to deal with her in longer than 15 minute intervals. But for all that I care & feel great affection for her all the same. It is because despite the horrors of my upbringing she has always fiercely loved me. Not always in the ways I wanted & needed, but in the ways I didn't know I needed.

Mom nurtured the artist in me. She brought home endless supplies of paper and paint, drove me at all hours to play practice, always showed up at book fares, encouraged me in singing, film and self expression in general. Culture was so important than even though we were poor and could barely afford the basics she made sure to yearly renew our membership at the Minneapolis Art Museum so we could go to the openings and art house films that were hosted there. Every six weeks we would make the 45 minute drive to the library that had paintings patrons could check out, so that there would be new art on our walls. She supported me when I died my hair various shades of purple, bright red, blue and green (she didn't like the green because she said it didn't compliment my skin tone, which was true). I was free to create and express myself growing up. Free to dance, make jokes, read and protest my government. Mom was always supportive if not there with me.

Going to al-anon meetings has really helped over the years with dealing with mom and everyone else for that matter. So I'll beef up on meetings, meditate, pray and envision a great trip. I think it will be good. I'm most excited to see my grandma who turned 93 today! I love her with all my heart and I cannot wait to see her wrinkled soft face and tan hair. I have her beautiful black eyes and mischievous grin. She means the world to me.

Well enough family stuff, I have to get ready to volunteer and such. Though I don't celebrate Thanksgiving I do like turkey, gravy, stuffing and such and love to see friends and loved ones. Since I won't be with my family I'll be with my recovery friends. Here's a funny cartoon about thanksgiving. Peace y'all!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Black Face/The Racism Fairy and Mary

Oh yes he did it. If you haven't already seen it Michael Richards (aka Kramer) was in the 1986 film Whoops Apocalypse in... you guessed it, black face. Don't believe me? Check out this post on Vibe Confidential. Kinda makes this whole "I'm not a racist and can't believe I said those things" argument look a bit less believable.

Reappropiate has a very funny post about how Mr. Richards was bitten by a racist fairy. He said he was shocked and mystified. As if some magickal occurrence happened. Somehow these racist and violent words dropped upon him like a cosmic light ray and suddenly Mr. Richards was channeling these appalling ideas/words. We know that's not true with him portraying an "afro-American" in 1986.

Shame on everyone who is apologizing for this guy including Jerry Seinfeld, Rosie O'Donnell, The real Kramer and anyone else who says it's not a big deal or that he's a nice guy and just lost his cool. When I lose my cool I don't bring in race. Usually I bring up their lack of fashion sense! (ha)

Alright I'm tired of thinking about the Kramer thing right now.

My beloved Ms. Mary called me from Rome today! My phone was turned off so I got a nice voice mail and I swear my toes tingled every time she said ummm umm. She umm's a lot. It was so nice to hear her voice and I miss her so much. I don't think I've ever understood the whole absence makes the heart grow fonder thing until now. It's not that my heart is fonder but more sure that she is so very special. Only a week to go until she gets home. She got to see the pyramids in Egypt and such. I can't wait to see her pics.

Tomorrow I fill out lots of paperwork. That's how I'm spending "thanksgiving." I'm going back to college this Winter. At last! I'm going to The Art Institute of Portland. It's an art school geared towards many types of design and art. It's going to be expensive and I'm a bit nervous about where the money is coming from in terms of school and living expenses. I can't work myself ragged but I'll be pretty busy. It's in HP's hands. I'm ready for this though and very grateful for this opportunity. Woo hoo!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More than the N Word

What it seems folks aren't getting about this whole thing with Michael Richards is that there is so much more to be upset about than just saying nigger. It's the white privilege and white supremacy that emerges when some white people get angry with people of color. I can't tell you how many times I've seen this. A white person gets upset with a person of color for whatever reason and the racial slurs come flying. You never would have seen Mr. Richards say horrid things regarding race to other white men. He never would have brought up historical atrocities perpetrated by other races upon the white mens ancestors.

Saying the N word isn't nearly as offensive as saying how back in the day black people used to be hung. And in such a statement alluding that they should be hung because these men "interrupted a white man." Can we say entitlement? Instead of apologizing for saying "bad" things he needs to think about what is going on in his mind about people of color. Because a racist tirade doesn't just come out of nowhere. A person has to have those feelings inside them in the first place. He does not say "I'm clearly dealing with racist/white supremacist ideology and that needs to change." He simply says I'm sorry I should not have said (in public?) such things.

If more white people were willing to look at their racism instead of denying it with excuses about their black friends and liking rap, maybe our society could finally move on. Telling folks of color to "get over it" is NOT the answer when whites are completely addicted to viewing things in terms of race. Don't believe me? Look at the origins of how this country "began." Look at who was brought here to build other peoples wealth. Look who tried to stop certain folks from being able to vote. People of color wouldn't have to "make an issue" out of race if it hadn't built this country to what it is now. I'm sick of excuses. People need to begin to tell the truth to themselves and look into their hearts and examine their prejudice. Without doing that, not much will change. At least Mr. Richards said he needed to do work on a personal level. Let's hope he and everyone else can!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Messed Up!

Rememer Kramer from Seinfeld? Well Michael Richards who starred as kramer had a few choice words for a black man who heckeled him at a show he did on Friday night. Check out the TMZ article. Here's a snippet of what he said: “Fifty years ago we’d have you upside down with a f***ing fork up your ass.” "Throw his ass out. He’s a nigger! He’s a nigger! He’s a nigger! A nigger, look, there’s a nigger!” "That's what happens when you interrupt a white man!" Lovely.

And Kanye West proved what a kind a loving man he is. In an upcoming interview with Essence Magazine Mr. West referred to mixed raced women as "mutts." Too boot he said “If it wasn’t for race mixing, there’d be no video girls.” Glad were good for something! Check out Media Take Out for more.

And the OJ book is no longer. Thank goodness!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

How Folks Do It According to My Slutty Astrological Experiences

So my last few posts have been less than scintillating so here's a juicyone for y'all. So those who know me can tell you I love astrology andsex. I'm also what the boys called "experienced" so I thought I'd be agood person to share my insights on how people do-it according to their astrological energy. Please note that I said energy instead of Sun signbecause sometimes a person will have a Sun in Taurus but many otherplanets in Leo and will therefore be a lot more Leo like. If you arewondering what the hell I'm talking about with planets and how there ismore than "what's your sign" to astrology send me a line & I'll explain. Additionally I would be happy to do your chart. For a fee of course, this is America after all! So here we go.

Aries: Generally fun, willing to experiment and able to get freaky. Theyreally like to have sex in the shower or in bathrooms in general.

Taurus: They lick a lit so if your not into that try someone else. Theyare solid in bed and will work to make sure you get off.

Gemini: Talk ain't cheap with these folks. They want to hear you moan andsay nasty things about how good they feel to you. They love to try manythings and are quite physical. Water sports are okay with them.

Cancer: Another group of folks who like to lick. They love to be pleasedand are okay with being mostly the "bottom." Some of them will punish youin bed if you like that sort of thing.

Leo: Playful but god forbid if you don't cum. They bring their heart andego into sex. Don't be surprised if a casual thing turns into a bona fiderelationship as they love to love.

Virgo: Believe it or not these folks are powerhouse lovers who can begentle, romantic, fierce and detached. All around good, solid lovers.

Libra: Sweet, sweet and more sweet. They like romance and can be swept sexually away by your beauty and prowess. They invite rapture and alwaystry to return it. They're into anal.

Scorpio: Yes they like to do the things many won't but there is somethingabout them that even casually is quite serious. Be prepared for boundarypushing combined with a clear sense of safety.

Sagitarius: They're humpers as they are prone to use their hips a lot. Playful, passionate and sometimes reckless they want thier orgasm and ifyou don't get them off, they'll turn to the side and do it themselves.

Capricorn: They can think a bit too much and sometimes need to seduced abit more than other folks. When they're able to let go, the sex is like ayummy satisfying steak dinner.

Aquarius: They love to close their eyes and relax into words, foods and ofcourse their lover. They are able to tap into the energy of sexing,bringing vibrating stimilation to your body for an otherworldlyexperience.

Pisces: They can be great but sometimes are half there and half somewhereelse. Great sensualists they like to pleasure with their imaginations and every body part possible.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


I'm tired as heck today. There is a most awesome show going on at Holocene tonight & I'm just exhausted. Too much wheat yesterday I think and forgetting to take my vitamins until after 5pm doesn't help. Though I don't have much on my mind in terms of blogging, I must say I'm totally confused about the new O.J. Simpson book. What the hell was he thinking? I know some of you will be shocked but for the longest time I didn't think he did it. Sometimes I still don't know. He was like a hero and quasi father figure to me growing up. The whole thing is still bizzare to me. I just wish O.J. would not bring such negative attention to himself. Whack is the word.

Well that's it for now. Peace!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Short & Simple Post Tonight

I'm tired and with less than an hour to go before my post being due for NaBloPoMo qualification here's what I have to say.

La la la la!

Okay. Here's a pic that I took this summer. It will remind you of summer! I love my camera phone.

Also Mark Morford has a most excellent whip smart article on Marriage Equality. Check it out here. And on another note check out the Rolling Stone article on Sasha Cohen a.k.a. Borat. Last but not least Justin Timberlake's "Ghetto" pass has been revoked. We can all breathe easier.

Okay goodnight y'all! Big kisses!


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Busy Yet Slow Day

This day has been good for the most part. I guess I just don't have that much to say. I miss Mary a lot and my jealousy (ever notice jealousy has the word lousy in it?) has reared its little demon head a lot since she left. It started when she mentioned something about a friend of hers thinking some chick was flirting with her on the ship. Boy you'd think someone stabbed me in the heart I was so upset. Everyone I'd talk to I'd complain there was some little hussy trying to move in on my girlfriend. Turns out this chick is straight & I'm just insecure.

Well now after reading her travel blog I see that she's surrounded by lesbians on this cruise & I'm freaking out on it. I knew of other women in the group she was with but on the ship they have lgbt socials & a group of the lesbians that travel about at the locations they visit and Mary is a part of it. *sigh*

Why I get so insecure is beyond me. Well that's not true. I think in part I know.

Years ago, in my 2nd year of sobriety from drinking I loved a man. He was 16 years older than me, a Scorpio and a therapist. We were together 2 years, living together the last year. We had moved in together with an intention of a long term partnership. Why else would folks who are shagging shack up? Anyway the day we were moving the trouble began. A painting he had painted while we were dating I had fallen in love with. I told him how much I loved it and wanted to have if someday. He'd say "it will come to you" everytime I saw it. On the day we moved, we were getting his stuff from his artists studio when I noticed a painting very similar to the one I was to receive. I asked why he made a 2nd one (which was not as good). He said he lost the other one. It made no sense. I asked how & he said he had rolled it up and put it in his car and it must have blew out or something. Realizing this he decided to make me a new one & hoped I wouldn't notice.

Notice I did & though I thought it was sweet he tried to fix that he lost it (which seriously is something he'd do. He was a nutty professor type) I was pained that he lost something I treasured so much. It was the beginning of the end that lasted an entire year. In the last 2 months we were on again and off again despite living together. We planned a holiday together despite the increasing chaos of confusion. He was going to Greece and we'd meet 2 weeks later in Paris and from there go to Spain. Tickets were purchased and I was excited to finally get out of the United States. A little over a week before the trip we had a couples counselling session and I knew we were done. I declared myself single though it was a very painful decision. I had to end it because hanging on would have meant losing myself to how he wanted me to be. With that I knew going to Europe on my own wasn't an option. I didn't have the time to plan a solo trip, nor the means. I canceled my ticket and got ready to say goodbye to a man I loved but could not live with.

Our last night together was so hard. We were still friends and loved each other. We still had chemistry. I watched as he packed, my mind reeling on how we were going to deal with living together after he got back. Not knowing who was staying or leaving we decided to deal with that upon his return. After he packed we made love for the last time. It was beautiful like our sex often was. We came together with the greatest of ease then wept in each others arms knowing this was goodbye. We wept the way one does when you can't go on, but you do all the same. The next day we kissed goodbye at the airport and I watched him walk away.

A week and a half later he calls me from Greece. He's on an island and it's beautiful he says. The waters are so blue/green you wouldn't believe it. The air mild yet full. And how would I feel about the fact that he's having sex with some other woman because he is. "Your free" I say to him. "But how do you feel?" he asks. I evade. He keeps asking over and over "how do you feel how do you feel?" until I explode in a rage I had never known. I tell him in a guttural growl "I'm angry!" and hang up. 16 years older than my 26 year old self asking how I feel. My heart broke all over again.

He calls to tell me he's in beautiful blue/green Greece and already screwing someone and wants to know how I feel. It was the cruelest thing anyone had done to me besides the abuse I went through as a kid.

He and I had a very intense sex life. I gave myself over to him completly. I lived out every crevice of my sexuality with him. So when he told me he was already sexual with another woman no less (he's queer and at the time I was more obsessed about gender), I knew he had the right, he was free. But I suddenly questioned the sacredness of our sex. I was blown away from the pain of opening up only to be, what felt like tossed easily aside.

I ran from that pain into the arms of another within a week. And ran and ran until my breakup last year. Years I ran away from the hurt. Slept with people who I thought would never make me feel unsafe again. People who would hold my sexuality and heart sacred. And with each person I ran further into a lost land of misplaced hope. It's a murkey place that appears to be pretty until you realize everything is muted in that soft focus.

My heart woke up after its very long and hazy nap. I saw life through the lense of freedom and dignity and truth. I changed my sober date, let go of having to be the prettiest, sexiest, smartest girl in the room. I became my own sweet self. And then I met Mary.

New to complete self acceptance all my shit has been stirred again. And having her far away in Greece is a trigger from hell. It's forcing me to look inside and be still and know that no matter what I'm love. That god/dess is within me and that god/dess is love and therefore I am love and will be alright. I stand at the precipice of my own love. And my memories are haunting me in very deep place. What will I do? Where will I go from her. Today I am a question mark waltzing down a country road.

I guess I had something to say after all. Good night & sleep tight y'all!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'd Like to See NaBloHoMo

Seriously. Wouldn't it be great to participate in a month long blogging event by & for queers? As soon as I can figure out how to umm... make a darn website I'm going to try & produce such an event. Unless someone else does it first. Anyway...

So today I celebrated one year sober/clean. Actually celebrated is far too strong of a word. I'll say I acknowledged my one year clean. The truth is sobriety feels more like one day at a time then ever. Because it is really just about today. So there's no real excitement over today like past anniversaries. Everyday feels more precious and exciting then I can even begin to explain. I'm free from the bondage of an abusive relationship that led me to using vicodin to cope basically. There's way more background to it which I've mentioned in past posts. Being free of that drama and unhappiness has been the greatest gift. Thank you Goddess for giving me freedom!

I guess I just don't have too much more to say tonight. As Anita Loos once said "Fate keeps on happening." Goodnight y'all!

So Funny I Cried

Check these out. Oh my gawd!

More later. Enjoy these videos with your coffee. I hope you like it black!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Won the Blog of the Day

That's right! I can't believe it. I have so many to thank. First I want to say thank you to the little people. You know who you are. Then I'd like to thank the Blog of the Day people. Thank you for giving an award to a blog such as mine. I'd like to thank Zee for all her wonderful help. I'd like to thank my mom for always being there even when she was drunk and screwing a guy in the Hells Angels. I'd like to thank my gf Mary for letting me use her laptop when we should have been "doing it." Lastly I'd like to thank my self for going to the website for going to the Blog of the Day blog and nominating my own damn self!

Blog Of The Day Awards Winner

Well alrighty then. So at work today I had a customer tell me about the Inverted Jenny that was found on an absentee ballot. What the hell is an Inverted Jenny? It's a stamp with a picture of an airplane named the Inverted Jenny. The plane was popular in WWI because it could fly upside down. I hope I got that right. So anyhow this stamp worth $200,000 is now being questioned. Experts are thinking it's a fake. Wild! Check out this article for more info.

While I was reading that article on the International Herald Tribune I saw this about Rumsfeld being sued by Germany for war crimes. The suit involved the torture inflicted upon Iraqi's at Abu Ghraib. I know it's sadly possible that not much will come of this law suit. But I'm so glad that people are paying attention and are working to hold Rumsfeld and BushCo. responsible for crimes against humanity.

Jesus dolls. Sounds like a whack ass idea for presents to kids right? Well the Associated Press reported that the bible thumping Teddy Bear Co. tried to donate 4,000 of these christian figures to Toys for Tots. Now keep in mind Toys for Tots is a charity of the Marine Reserves. Well anyway They said NO to Teddy Bear Co. A rep. for Toys for Tots said “We can’t take a chance on sending a talking Jesus doll to a Jewish family or a Muslim family. Kids want a gift for the holiday season that is fun.” I can't believe I'm going to write this but Goddess bless the Marines!
Last news item du jour involves students at Texas A&M making a video where one student wearing blackface pretends to be a slave while the other student is the "master." The video of this thing is so disgusting that I'm regretting ever viewing it. Racism has come back for a whole new generation and it's very very ugly. In some ways more ugly then its been in years. For more check out this post from my favorite blog racialicious. And just an fyi white people: calling things "ghetto" is simply not cool.

Well that's about it. Tomorrow I will wake up one more day clean & sober. It will also mark a year clean & sober. I am so grateful!

Monday, November 13, 2006

My 1st iTunes Mix

Well there is one upside to my girlfriend being gone. Unfettered access to all things techy that is installed on her computer. I've taught myself more stuff on her computer in the last 6 days then in the last year. She is a Microsoftie so one can only expect there is lots of fun things contained in her lovely laptop. Okay so here is the mix I made solely from songs from her lists. Some of these are songs I have wanted to have but was too cheap to buy the album. Enjoy!

Set Adrift On Memory Bliss -P M Dawn
In da Club -50 Cent (whatever happened to that guy?)
Rump Shaker -Wreckx N Effect
Sabotage -Beastie Boys
Drop It Like It's Hot -Snoop Dogg & Pharrell Williams
Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours -Stevie Wonder
In the Still of the Night -Ella Fitzgerald
Someone to Watch Over Me -Etta James
Clocks -Coldplay
The Scientist- Coldplay
Shadowboxer -Fiona Apple
The Beautiful Ones -Prince & the Revolution
Take Me with U -Prince & you know who people!
Would I Lie to You -Eurythemics
If I Can't Have You- Yvonne Eliman (from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack)
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough -Michael Jackson *sigh*
Tell Me Something Good -Rufus & Chaka Khan
My Doorbell -White Stripes

My next mix will be called "Dance Bitches!" Obviously it will be a dance mix but with my own music. It will be of course mainly hip-hop but with Ray of Light by Madonna or something.

Onto something different. Yesterday I spent a couple hours reading some of the blogs participating in NaBloPoMo using the Randomizer (see sidebar if you have no idea what I'm talking about). I really like some of the stuff folks put into their sidebars. I saw a prayer scroll, a clock ticking along, a Powells Card button showing what books the blogger wanted, lots of buttons for others blogs and some funny blog faux winner buttons. And you know there are a heck of a lot of blogs on parenting a.k.a. mommy blogs. Not a judgement, A great non-NaBloPoMo I checked out yesterday is Wikipedia Knowledge Dumper. It's an appreciation page for rejected Wikipedia enteries. Brilliant! It's my new WOTM. Another blog I've added to the blogroll is yoga gumbo. Found that one through NaBloPoMo and it's the only somewhat mommy blog on the list. Most likely will stay that way. Her latest post has a Bad Yogi Bingo board. Super funny!

Okay I have to say this. I miss Mary! I know that it's only 2 more weeks before my beloved comes home but boo hoo! Yesterday she was in Athens and said at one point it felt like the whole world in her arms. Cool! I sent her some pics I took of her cat & myself (looking crappy) this morning. Here is the one of her cat for your viewing pleasure.

This is Snuffy. She often has a lot to say.
She misses her mama & loves to sleep.

Last but not least a new redolence button if you wanna slap it on your blog if you wish. You know you do!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

PMS Can Suck It/Neat Web Links

Holy crap. Can anyone say grumpy. Today I didn't make it to work because my body was so exhausted from stress/hormones. My whole afternoon was spent crashed out on my girlfriends couch with her cat by my side. I guess I just needed a day to rest and hibernate from the place called "out there." It doesn't help that by beloved is basically a million miles away & my one year clean date is around the corner. At the same time in the last few days I've been reliving the awfulness of my last relationship a year ago and vicodin usage that went with it, combined with the triggering affects of being without my sweetheart and some funky sense of abandonment. Not too mention in less than a month I turn 32 and have been really feeling lost about career stuff. Anyway though I'll have to work my ass off this week to make up the time missed from today but I hope this time inside will keep me fueled for the duration of the unpleasant spike in hormones.

So right after I woke up this afternoon I heard the radio DJ mention that Kevin Federline is going to sell a sex tape he made with miss Britney, unless she forks over more money. Read this article for the scoop. Though I'm not a fan of Brit I think that crazy soon to be ex. of hers is quite a dick & I hope that girl grows up a little and moves on from her terrible mistake.

Now for something a bit more interesting. I was on racialicious and ran into some very intriguing articles. So some damn fool jive turkey mofo came up with a brilliant tee shirt. It has a smiley face with a fro that says "I'm hung like a black man." See the blurb on it. Just gross!

Speaking of gross inventions this article from tells us all about VH1's new reality show coming in January called "The White Rapper Show." Oh yes it gets even more odd. Some of the "challenges" for the contestants include trying to "mesh" with black culture by apparently selling sno-cones in clubs and rapping before and audience of bonafide black folk. It looks like there is a very real possibility of the network trying to play into stereotypes for ratings just like this seasons Survivor. Ya know the "black folks are oh so scary" or "white folks have no soul" crap. Errg!

Finally a funny. This from The Angry Black Woman. Hilarious. Thank you Amazon for fulfilling all your customers needs!

So there are some new sites being added to my side bar. Please check these out.

Well that's it from me. Here's to a peaceful week and a year (on Wednesday) clean and very sober.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Saturday Y'all!

Well I spelled its wrong, but happy Saturday anyway.

A Great Way to Start My Day

This morning I damn near had to force myself to meditate. It's as though one part of my brain knows that if I meditate for even 2 minutes I feel better. The other part just whines and bleats "I don't wanna!" It's as though there is a very real & stubborn part of me that just doesn't want me to be serene. Like the calm that meditation provides is so unfamiliar I can hardly stand it. Thank Goddess it's a practice. That there are no real rules & the point in the end is... calm. So here's what my little meditation was like.

  • Sit on the floor with my back straight, legs crossed over each other, hands on knees.
  • Close eyes and simply relax, noticing where my breath is at.
  • Start taking slightly bigger breaths.
  • Then take big lung filling breaths, focusing only on my breath.
  • When my mind wanders gently (meaning I don't tell myself I'm an idiot for losing focus after like 30 seconds) returning focus to my breath.
  • When it feels right breath in deeply and slowly holding for 5 seconds, then exhaling slowly and pausing for 5 seconds.
  • And again bring attention back to breath. Remembering this is only a practice, that I don't need to do it perfectly.
  • When it feel right end by bringing my hands together to my chest and bowing to the Spirit inside saying "namaste."
  • Raising arms above head stretching them wide like the letter y from the song "YMCA" and praying for Spirit, the Goddess, Jesus or whatever to fill me with grace and love.
  • Return hands to chest and bowing to the Spirit all around in gratitude for guidance saying again "namaste."

Every time I do this I feel less anxious. More calm. I just flow better. And due to my asthma my lungs feel nice and open. I had a naturopath say grief is stored in the lungs. So I figure meditation helps medically in physical & mental ways. Can't beat that!

Also I'm PMSing & emotional from being without Mary. She's doing great by the way. But I realize meditating can help calm the anxiety of hormones & annoyance. And for that I am grateful! Peace!

I'm Blogging After Midnight?!?!

I can't believe it's after midnight & I'm on the computer. Please forgive my very ghetto banner for my blog. I'm teaching myself photoshop, which quite frankly confuses me. My gf's computer has photoshop Premier & I'm having trouble getting as jiggy with it as I'd like. Needless to say NaBloPoMo has inspired me to do much more with this blog. However all my attempts at making it beautiful will be crude at best until I have more experience or take a class or two.

Grumpiness is fading but not gone. Seems that my girlfriend being gone is having a greater effect on me than anticipated. I feel basically annoyed that's she's not here. And annoyed I'm not getting so much of her attention as I'm now used to. Strange reaction I know. I wish I could snap my fingers & make the feeling stop. My goal for the next 3 weeks is for just remember myself & my wonderful life with or without her. I need to go to bed. Or play more FreeCell. God help me!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Post # 2 for 11/10/06

So I feel a bit grumpy. So I thought I'd share this poem as it often helps me.

Poem by a Native American Healer
It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living
I want to know what you ache for
and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing

It doesn’t interest me how old you are
I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love
for your dreams, for the adventure of being alive

It doesn’t interest me what planets are squaring your moon.
I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow,
if you have been opened by life’s betrayals or,
have become shrivelled and closed from fear of further pain.

I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own,
if you can dance with wilderness and let the ecstasy fill you
to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be
careful, realistic, or to remember the limitations of being human.

It doesn’t interest me if the story you’re telling is true
I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself,
if you can bear the accusation of betrayal
and not betray your own soul

I want to know if you can be faithful, and therefore trustworthy.

I want to know if you can see beauty
even when it’s not pretty every day,
and if you can source your life from God’s presence.

I want to know if you can live with failure, yours and mine,
and still stand on the edge of a lake
and shout to the silver of the full moon, “yes!”

It doesn’t interest me to know where you live,
or how much money you have.

I want to know if you can get up
after the night of grief and despair, weary and bruised to the bone,
and do what needs to be done for the children.

It doesn’t interest me who you are, how you came to be here,
I want to know if you will stand in the center of the fire with me
and not shrink back.

It doesn’t interest me where or what or with whom you have
studied. I want to know what sustains you from the inside
when all else falls away.

I want to know if you can be alone with yourself,
and if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments.

Peace y'all!

Veteran's Day. Do I Really Care?

This morning I was thinking about veteran's day. It occured to me that with the exception of WWII when we we're trying to get the Nazi's out of power, that I disagree with the politics behind the participation of the US in any of the wars we've been in. So how can I honor the vets when their job was to go kill (usually brown skinned) people, not to defend our country but to show how big and powerful we are. If you're a soldier & you kill others, no matter what your president says is the reason, you're a murderer. Why would I want to honor murderers? It just seems wrong to say honor those who murders in Vietnam. Those who murder in Iraq. Those who murder in the name of defense when there is no defence needed. So I'm sorry but I do not honor Veteran's day. I don't not have anything nice to say about it. So with that I'll shut up about it.

Mark Morfords article today had me laughing & nodding in agreement. Read it here. I love him!

Here's my church sign generator of the month. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Too Much Internet

Seriously I'm in shock. Yesterday after my girlfriend left I got on the computer at about 1pm & didn't even look up at the time until 5:41pm. I missed seeing my pal, but figured since I was already online I'd continue doing stuff. I finally got out to Fred Meyer to get some groceries because I had not eaten since 10am. Go back home & what do you know. More internet until Midnight. Granted I was working on my blog, figuring out html stuff & trying to come up with my own redolence buttons, but goodness.

This morning I felt a kind of emptiness from spending my entire day off on the computer. So I meditated & feel better. Since I promised myself I'd do NaBloPoMo that's what I'll do. But other than that I've learned a great lesson. One can have too much of a good thing.

Some things I'm observing from this NaBloPoMo experience is how critical other bloggers can be of other blogs. One person has gone so far as to calculate percentages of what she called "personal ramblings that I really couldn't find overall theme for." Another catagory was "I really wasn't sure what the blog was supposed to be about, I guess these could also be considered personal." Dude when & if this chick checks out my blog I hope she can just enjoy it or move on from it without having to make judgements. And as I noted yesterday the gal from pinkelephants had issues with seeing the same templates over & over. Even fussy's writing well is the best revenge line seems a bit off putting. My goal with this blog is that it is a journey. It's point is whatever you may find. For me I get to self teach myself aspects of html. Plus I get to see parts of myself & life & that which is important reflected out & then back again. Maybe I'm not writing well, don't have a fancy template or ramble about stuff with no overall theme, but that's what life is all about sometimes. And I'm okay with that.

Anyway here is another button I made. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Bash for Alzheimers

My good pal John is having a bash in honor of his store Decades Vintage Company turning 10 years old. The party will take place at Stumptown Coffee's downtown location at 128 SW 3rd Ave. November 25th at 8pm is when the event occurs. There is a request for $10 dollar donations at the door that will go to the Alzheimer's Association of Oregon. I'll personally be there pimping raffle tickets & working the door. There will be treats, beverages & several DJ's to keep the party flowing. All in all it will be fun & of course a celebration!

When I met John several years ago our first conversations were about our love of vintage clothing. There is still not a week that goes by where at least one outfit has plenty of vintage jewelry or clothing to it. And what I've always loved about his store (which I have worked at part time in the past & sometimes on-call in the present) is the quality. Check out this Q&A with Brian Libby. Many things may seem expensive to the Goodwill shopper because John only sells clothing that has no rips or tears, has all it's buttons & often has NEVER been worn. Most vintage stores in town can't say that! Quality vintage is worth it's weight in gold & then sometimes when you're a busy woman like me & need clothing that doesn't need repairs it's nice to have a place to find great vintage at decent (but not cheap, he does have to make a living) prices.

Yay to the Demos. Yay to the New Look of my Blog. Boo hoo to my Girlfriend Leaving for 3 Damn Weeks.

It appears that control of the Senate is dependent on Virginia. Other than that the democrats stood pretty strong in the elections. Even though I'm not the biggest fan of Kulongoski, I'm glad he won to Saxton or as I liked to call him, Ron the robot. Measures 41 & 43 bounced, thank goodness. Measure 45 lost which is fine. I can't believe measure 39 passed so overwhelmingly. I believe if folks had thoroughly read their voter pamphlets they might have changed their minds. Ahh well. 40 & 42 bit the dust and measures 46 died while 47 passed which is funny because they kinda went together. Needless to say watching the elections was really more like watching a sports competition. Thank goodness Dancing with the Stars was on.

Well as those you you who have been reading my blog can see, I've changed it's look. And I'm so pleased! After looking through some of the 1,913 blogs that are participating in NaBloPoMo I saw that many folks had the same template as me. This was only the final straw as I have always liked the more stark clean looks of others blogs and saw that the gal who' blog is Pink Elephants complained recently about how so many blogs looked alike. And my good pal Zee is working on her blog look as well & so I just finally did it. I love blue & orange and so those are the focus colors as you can see. My blog feels like me now. And I like how I get to futz around with the colors of my google ads, which now advertise things I'm actually okay with like gay stuff & recovery stuff. There was an ad for Ann Coulter (she-devil) so ya know, whatever.

So if you didn't know the randomizer for NaBloPoMo was done quite kindly by Lane at Pink Elephants. And now there is a button to click on to begin your blog reading adventure. And here it is: The button is going into my sidebar so have fun & check our the whopping nearly 2,000 blogs to enjoy or dislike. I hope mine is not one folks dislike. But if so then ya know...go suck it! Just Kidding!

A few hours ago Mary took off for her three week adventure in anywhere but Paris. She has a new travel blog called Over the Rolling Seas. Check her adventures out at She'll most likely change the template of her travel blog but not until she gets back of course. Right now she's in a car with her pals on the way to Seattle. She won't get into Rome until tomorrow late in the day. I just hope she has fun. I'll miss her, but since I'm house sitting her cat & such, her spirit will be all around me.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Cornucopia of Info. Voting, Bushwhack & Recommendations

Voting, Bushwhack & Recommendations
Well if you don't know today is voting day or here in the other P-Town the last day you can turn in your ballot. Were mail in here in Oregon, in case ya didn't know. Anyway it sounds like this election is turning ugly with reports of fraud in Wyoming, A hard line abortion measure in South Dakota & banning marriage equality in Wisconsin. And of course everyone is wondering if the House & Senate will go democrat & remain on the bitter clutches of the GOP. I'm just glad that this year I really focused on the measures & did not vote without serious consideration of each issue. Many do not study up on measures and candidates before casting the ballot & I'm not sure that isn't just as dangerous as not voting at all. Coming from peoples who had to fight, bleed & die to be able to vote, I take it seriously as a citizen & a human. Here's a great quote I read today.

"The right to vote is perhaps the most important aspect of American democracy," said U.S. Attorney Debra Wong Yang

Voting, Bushwhack & Recommendations
Well I didn't know this until I came across it on Crallspace.
Bushwhack has signed martial law into effect, if "needed." However knowing how trigger happy that beast of a man is I could see us easily turning into a police country at the slightest perceived provocation. Da Prez actually said that if democrats win the congress that terrorists will win. Holy crap you did you believe you just read that, cuz I can hardly believe I just typed it. While I still have the right to free speech I'll say it: I hate Bush. I hate him like I hate everything that is corrupt & distorts beauty. Though I'll be the first to say he's not the problem, it's a faulty government system that's our problem, I still just hate him. Oh dear Goddess grant me the serenity...

Voting, Bushwhack, Recommendations
Okay here are some things I recommend for your fall enjoyment.

Okay seriously Borat was fawking hilarious. I laughed 90% of the time if not more. It's been a while since I've laughed until my belly hurt. Mary & I think a good way to describe it is that's a mix between Jackass, Best in Show & Team America. See it I swear you'll love it!

The Departed was wonderful. Leo & Matt were convincing & there was just enough action & psychological drama to keep me on the edge of my seat.

Bassbossa has done this wonderful remake of Chris Isaac's song Wicked Game. You can listen to part of the son by going to their myspace web page.

Thanks to Miz Mary I have the latest Basement Jaxx album. Their latest album is Crazy Itch Radio. It's electro/house done with some funky energy. Highly suggested to keep you from getting the Winter blues.

And I have fallen in love. With Ray LaMontagne. What a talent. He's soulful with a smokey varied voice. I cried a little listening to his AT&T Blue Room concert. Check his website out at To here even more of his songs go to his myspace page by clicking here. He'll be in Portland on the 14th at the Roseland. I don't know how the hell I'm going to find the money to go, but I'm going!

Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris rocks. The Keep by Jennifer Egan is a good pick. Dragonslippers by Rosalind Penfold is a graphic novel about an abusive relationship she survived. Powerful book! The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseni was a tender & beautiful story. So ya know, fight prime time and read a book.

So ya know if you don't want fight prime time here are my favorite shows. These are in fact the only shows I watch except for (god help me) Dancing with the Stars. I love Heros on Monday nights. And on must-see-TV Thursdays My Name is Earl & The office get guffaws from me every week. And you know that Deal or No Deal show is pretty riveting while I'm knitting.

Well my blog has changed it;s look. I wish it could be more fun & fancy but I'm poor & still figuring out html. Anyway peace to all on this election day!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Quote of the Day

I heard this today & wanted to pass it along.

"Serenity is liking myself no matter what." Indeed.

Right now if you go to the Portland Alano Club website ( you can purchase books from Powells Bookstore while 7.5% of the sales go to benefit PAC. PAC has served me & many of my fellow recovery pals over the years. This recovery club houses 12 step meetings of all kinds everyday. Without the Portland Alano Club I may not even be here. If you need books, please consider making your purchase here. Peace!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Apathy. 20/20. My Little Penguin

My gf & I were talking this morning about gay rights & the overwhelming apathy we see in the queer "community" in terms of fighting for equal rights. We talked about how queers these days seem to care more about being & acting just like nuclear heterosexuals than the right to be who you are. Not that being a middle class suburban heterosexual is a bad thing. I'm sure the folks living that way like it just fine. Although with the divorce rates, abuse & broken families among those folks, maybe they don't like it all that much. Either way the passion for equality, not to become like the mainstream, but to live a full, happy and free life no matter what your "lifestyle", seems to be gone. Act-up & other groups died along with AIDS being an acute epidemic among our gay brothers. And with the death came apathy. Now we pledge allegiance to our paychecks & those who issue them instead of working to end suffering and discrimination.

It's not just among queers though. It's our American society. We're in the midst of a mindless and cruelly pointless war. Yes there are some who march every week on Fridays at Pioneer Square. Yes when a call to rally comes many of of follow. But as a whole we say & do nothing while we let others get rich off writing books about how much the war and Bush suck. We let Michael Moore make speeches while he collects awards & we nod our heads while we eat TV dinners. And today I don't have an answer on how to change it. I just know our American addiction to the mighty concept of more has finally reached into the heart of the queer movement & day by day, smashed it to digestible little pieces.

Speaking of our crappy American way, Friday night my roomie & I watched a 20/20 special on Privilege. One of the topics was about privilage in the courtrooms. We all know how if your poor & black, you don't get a fair chance. This story really showed a clear example of this. Really powerful!

And finally, something light. I've adopted a little penguin named farty. Click on him a bunch of times & he'll do a trick for you.

adopt your own virtual pet!
Thanks Zee for yet another cool link!

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Every time I think I have to show my ass to my sponsor, she always comes back putting a pair of pretty bloomers on it. Obviously this is not literal. You see last night I had quite a shock that led to a very deep realization: I have a lot of trouble managing my money. No matter how much money I make I always end up broke. And most frustrating is that I don't even have credit card debt. I know myself well enough that credit cards in my hands would be very dangerous. What there is plenty of are medical bills. And for some reason I just can't get ahead. That some reason is I can't manage my money. Year after year, month after month I struggle. And last night my brain finally got it. There is no way I can do this by myself anymore. And last night after tears & a little self pity, the god-shot I needed came. Someone offered to take me to a 12 step meeting for folks with financial issues.

So this morning when I told Liz about my money stuff & how unmanageable it is, she told me she's proud of me. That finances are hard for many and getting to a point of surrender is huge. She said I'm showing how dedicated I am to recovery by being willing to hit yet another bottom. Though my bank account is a mess, my spirit is strong. I'm so grateful for the many blessings this little life of mine has in it.

So in yesterdays post I wrote about my wonderful cat Bebes. But provided one link to show what he looks like. So now without further ado, my son, my love...Bebes.

Friday, November 03, 2006


I just finished reading Marley & Me by John Grogan. This was not the most well written book and unlike most of the folks who have discussed it with me, I did not cry. Emotional though for sure. Maybe no tears came because the yellow lab I once knew liked to eat his own shit that had been hardened by cold weather. But the emotional part is about how much of an animal person I am & the pets I've lost & someday will lose.

My cat Bebes is the love of my life. I love him more than anyone or anything. And last week I realized one day he would not be in my life. I mean hopefully many, many years from now he'll go to kitty heaven after having a full & happy life. But I mean I had to grasp the fact that he & I can't grow old together. He's over 6 now and as wonderful as ever. He's also an indoor/outdoor cat. He has to be free to come & go. Even though there are those times I get scared to the point of the full body shakes when he doesn't come home right away when I call him, I have to let him be a cat. He's my beloved baby who shows me unconditional love. My own mother once told me "be careful don't love your cat too much." But I cannot help it. Animal lovers understand this. Bebes comes when I call him, lays on my chest to nap with me, gives me kisses & is always there when I'm sad. He makes my world full & has even saved my life once or twice. Two days away from him now & I miss him dearly. I feel it deeply. Tonight I get to go home to my little guy & cuddle & chase him & hold him in my arms as he lays on his back & purrs.

Well enough of that. So thanks again to Zee I have a spiffy link for you. It's the NaBloPoMo Randomizer. This is a great thing because it's kinda hard to figure out which blogs to even start to explore with this NaBloPoMo event. Now you don't have to think. Just click your way to the goodness.

Zee. Congrats! I love you!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Day Off I Say

Now that I'm doing this NaBloPoMo I wake up & immediately think "oh god, must blog!" Since today is my day off I'm able to write on this a bit earlier than usual. Anyway thus far I my tasks have been solely computer related. Sent some e-mails, organized info. You know what I mean. Anyway I came across a website that makes Official Seals. So here's my Thursday Seal as I feel Thursdays are lucky. Click on the seal to go to the Says It website to make your own wacky seals, church signs & other stuff.

Now for more weirdness here's a pic of me from last winter.
Hot huh?

Why on earth am I posting a pic of myself from last year? When you can answer this let me know! So my girlfriend is wanting me to watch some silly pirate movie today because she wants to "play pirate" in bed after watching this film. Not sure how I feel about a musical pirate movie as I'm not a fan of musical films with the exception of The King & I. And I don't know how this whole pirate thing got so cool, but I could give a rip about pirates. Ahh well. What my girl wants, she gets. Well on that note I'm off to spend some time with her & her cat Snuffy. By the way my latest Website of the Month (WOTM) is It's really great. Please give it a visit. I know all my well meaning liberal white friends would agree it's racially delicious! Peace y'all!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween with Amy

Last night I saw Amy Sedaris live & in person. She was at Powells Books chatting up her new book "I Like You." The event was scheduled to start at 7:30pm. By 5:45pm the 300 capacity room was standing room only & by 6:15pm completely full. My pal Lindsey & my hot babe of a girlfriend Mary hung out with me as the crowd waited for Miss Amy.

She did not disappoint. Amy showed the group how to make an eye burrito. Maryanne a.k.a. Johhny Mozzarella was Amy's overly hammed up assistant who Amy lovingly referred to as "ching chong." After the burrito Amy answered questions from the audience for about a half an hour. My 2 girls & I took off after the Q&A, but I guess Amy stayed for 2 more hours signing books & receiving gifts from her delighted fans.

Now you may wonder if I asked a question of Amy Sedaris. Yep. You bet. I raised my hand & after waiting through 2 other questions from folks she finally looked over, pointed at me and said "yes the negro in the back." Believe it or not I didn't hear this. Which was funny considering my question was this: Are you a racist or just not PC?" Mary said it was the one question Amy actually seemed to think over. She hemmed & hawed for a moment & said she didn't think she was racist, more just not PC (politically correct). Then she said "I dunno, I'll have to get back to you on that one." And that folks was my Amy Sedaris moment. Now here are the pics. Enjoy!

Me ready to see Amy

Mary & I chillin'

And of course Miss Amy