Wednesday, April 05, 2006

That's Right!

The Mariners beat LA 10-8. Today ends the series & since it's at home they ought to win. Anyway today I got on my knees & prayed per my sponsors suggestion. I did & lo & behold had an awesome day. Right now it's raining outside & sounds lovely. Though I forgot my umbrella, I like the rain all the same.

Last night was great. Didn't finish my scarf but had yummy pesto by the oh so lovely Ms. L. Went to a great meeting. Then had a mixed fruit cobbler at Perrys with the dynamic CM. I learned so much about her & what an amazing woman.

This morning on the way to work I read a buddhist perspective on desires. How they lead to suffering. How even when we get what we think we want we eventually end up suffering from the thing we got or suffer because we then need something else to desire. This is a basic principal in recovery. To be grateful for what we have & are. To accept life on life's terms, putting focus on changing the self for the better so others may benefit. I turned a lot of things into the object of my desire in the past & was never fully satisfied when I got them. Something was always missing. The quest for short term happiness never brought me joy. Now I have so much joy. Not that I don't have to keep working at it. Recently I went backwards & was angry about the world's people. The anger was about self importance, self righteousness, and control. When really underneath I just wished for peace, not just for moi, but the world. So just for today all is good. I can say I know who I am & what's important to me & what I need to stay happy & healthy. Today that is the greatest gift ever!

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