Sunday, May 14, 2006

HTML is Sorta Friendly

Man it's only through experience (as in trial & failure) that I'm learning to get more web savvy. And so far I'm not doing well. Trying to do cool stuff with the sidebar on this blog & have somehow shrunk the links & bolded all the text of my posts. A mystery to be solved indeed. Anywho all is good. I spoke to my mom yesterday & set up some ground rules with her. We'll see how it goes.

This morning my roomies woke me at 7:30am talking loudly in the kitchen. The night (as in morning really) the basement dweller woke me at 3am. After I somewhat unkindly asked him & his pals to "lower it" they did talk more quietly but tuned the stereo on. I got back to sleep aroung 4:30am. I can't wait to leave the house of Frat. Only 11 more days!

BTW in the weird looking links section to your left & down a bit is my new Website of the Month feature. This Month the honor goes to Pimpfants. It's on online clothing shop for kids who need to look more ghetto fabulous. Please visit them as even though I think it's kinda weird, it's really quite cool!

Lastly I added under links the a blog called BRO Watch. Highly recommened!
That's it from moi. Peace out!


fdf said...

Okay I fixed the bold for all the text on the posts, but want to make the links bigger. Any ideas anyone?

fdf said...

okay now the text is back to bold. I'm OCDing & goota go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zee said...

OK, I just took a quick look at your code and here are a couple things to try:
- For the sidebar, it appears that you just need to close the < ul > tag in the sidebar, right before you get to "Fran's Links". So basically, all you need to do is stick a forward slash (/) in the < ul > tag right after this line of code:
< li >< a href="">Pimpfants< /a >< /li >
So the tag will look like this, except without the spaces: < /ul >.

That should help with the alignment and sizing of the links.

I'm having trouble picking out the issue with the bold text but my suspicion is that you have another open tag somewhere... If you want me to take a look at it, I'd be happy to do so. :)