Sunday, June 11, 2006

Little Lil

So I have fallen in love. With a dog named Lilly. Here she is with me trying to get a good shot of her face by holding her under her chin slightly to pose.
So sweet!

Yesterday Lilly & I napped in the afternoon glow & then took a long walk at the park. Here she is right before our walk, ready to go.
Too Cute!

Of course today before I left for work she was in a mild state of freakness needing lots of attention. Apparently as her mama said, Lil is a bit codependent. And so I think that means the more attention you give her, the more she thinks she needs. Well she's wonderful even if she has her moments. I still love my k-9 niece Rennie & hope these to doggies can meet & have fun someday.

So much other awesome stuff going on, but I should get back to work. All I know is my life is full of wonder & joy these days & am quite blessed to be able to see the angels & gifts all around. Tootles!

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