Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Monster is Out to Get Me

Or not. Drempt of a not so close friend who we will call B, who kicked my ass. Then I had to watch him kicking my ass on television. Then I had to stand next to him and we watched together on TV him kicking my ass. Woke up really foggy. Didn't help I was out late bowling & had to get up early to work at the shelter. Anyway... weird!

But as I've been working today, my nose has felt really sore on my right side. A monster zit in coming. Good God help us all! You know those zits where before you even see them they hurt like a mofo? Well I've got one & my neutrogena acne cream better kill it asap!

My lime green scarf is finally done! Thanks to Ms. L for helping with the last part. I've started a newbie today. I knit 6 rows. Drop stiches & knit 6 rows again. Dropping stitches is easy. I think I'll write a knitting book called "Knitting for the Lazy & Easily Confused."

Anywho all is fine in the kingdom of Fran. Oh shit I almost forgot to mention Roey Thorpe of BRO is gone! Yay, she resigned & I'm so happy I could hump a tree!
Peace y'all!

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Anonymous said...

Why excited about Roey leaving?