Sunday, July 30, 2006

Love is My Religion

That's a new song by Ziggy Marley. I think it fully a pplies to my spirituality.
This morning my prayer was a little different. I prayed to be like a tree. Trees have always been my guides in a way. So I asked Love to make me like the roots of a tree, connected to the earths sustinence and firmly rooted in that which connects us all. Then I asked to be like a trunk, strong and able to stand tall with loves protection. Next the branches. So that I may provide shade for those who need it. That the leaves of me always take in the sunshine & be able to move, change & fall when the winds need me to. That the fruit I bare provides healing for others so that I am of service.

If I put crap into my soil (body...blood, sinew) the fruit I bare cannot be as sustaining. I wish today only to be God's tree. To be love, take in love & give love.

Yesterday I happened to have my camera phone nearby & got this shot of Lily & myself while I was icing my leg. Enjoy!

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