Thursday, July 27, 2006


The heat wave we had here in Portland really screwed with my ankle. I hate talking about it or complaining, as I'm very blessed in this life. But I'm feeling so frustrated these days as the intense heat has put my ankles into overdrive. Not only is the left constantly swollen & in searing pain, my right ankle, which has had some mild swelling & pain, is hurting more too. The pain in both feels like when you freshly scrape your knees after falling off a bike. That sudden searing prickly heat & rawness. Only it feels that way inside my flesh. I scared to walk & when I do it hurts.

Yesterday I got a call back from a specialist in orthopedics who told me my brace will cost $341. Which is way better than $2500. Here's what my brace options look like. Insurance will pay 80% for out of network things. So I'll hopefully find a similar specialist where they're in the network. I just need to make sure my ankle stuff is taken very seriously. So blah on that. I know this mean emotionally I need to be very gentle with myself. Not get into drama or other crap. Not to mention that though my ankle will improve, but the brace is not the top thing in fashion & as a woman, high heels or any cute shoes are no longer ever an option. I know waa waa. I just need to process this. Anyway I got Fabulash mascara a couple days ago. Halle Berry is so hot & I'm a sucker for anything she tries to pimp. Anyway the mascara is awesome. So though my ankle is what it is, at least my eyelashes will be pretty!

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Zee said...

I think, once your ankle is feeling better and this #*$(&#$(*#& heat wave goes away, we should go on the hunt for cute, sexy and/or fun shoes you can wear with the brace. There's gotta be some out there. And if there aren't? Maybe we should design some - there's bound to be a market for it. :)