Friday, September 29, 2006

Life, Love & Amy

Today has been a good work day. Had my annual review which went well as usual. I set some goals & realized I had completed some goal set from last year. Yay! I like being a good worker. Even pride myself on it I guess. Anyway this morning when I checked to see how much moolah was in my account, I was shocked to hear what work had deposited into my account. I wondered if I had recieved a bonus or a raise or something. My body & mind felt lighter contemplating that I was much closer to having enough to buy my plane ticket back home. I also thought of the wonderful things I could buy myself, my cat and my girlfriend (yes in that order). Then two hours later the company email found my inbox. Were sorry to tell you we made a mistake with your check. Easy come easy go. My next check will be smaller & I'm still broke. But alas I still have my looks! Ha!

Yesterday my girl & I had a most lovely day. It's days like that, that make one understand how grand it is to be in love. So many favorite moments. One moment was my girl reading to me, her head upon my stomach, us laying in the grass at Laurelhurst Park. Another was my performance for her of my lascivious consumption of a Dairy Queen medium sized chocolate dipped cone. Another was watching her let go of a fear while holding onto me. It was a Thursday I'll never forget. How lucky I am indeed!

So as perviously mentioned Amy Sedaris will be not only in town but at Powells Books on Halloween. I'm thinking it's going to be a biggin'. As most of my cohorts in this life seem to love her almost as much as moi. I know this. I will meet Amy and the question is this: Do I wear a halloween costume when I meet her, or look "normal" so that when she goes home to think of me she'll see me looking hot instead of silly. Although I could look silly & hot and quite frankly she'd probably love that! Fate is so cruel! Hot. Silly. Hot & silly. This choices are staggering. Anyway since I'm now not single I'm not going to try to seduce Amy with my scintillating charm and ebullient personality. Instead I'll merely try to get a picture with her, an autograph maybe & hopefully a tiny little petite very small just sooooo.......ass grab. That's allowed isn't it? I mean I not dead & it's friggin' Amy Sedaris. I'd let me girlfriend grab her favorite performer's butt. Anyway I'm off to the land of milk & honey. Or a 12 step meeting. Whatever.


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