Tuesday, September 12, 2006

News of the Fran

Well well people. I sit here at work, not working but diddling the keyboard connected to this computer and making myself increasingly tired as a result. Yes y'all it's PMS time! Fucking bloody hell I'm tired but I had to change my myspace layout & of course give a proper update of my life these days.

Last night I hung out with my brand new girlfriend named Mary. Behind her back I say her name like this: MAH-RAAAAY. We've been dating for not that long so the gf thing happened kindo fast. I know I know, but listen this is not some jump in & get married tomorrow bullshit. My sponsor Liz this morning was like "are you two living together yet ha ha ha?" To which I replied "no Liz, I like my life & where I'm living right now." And she then said as she often does "Good girl, I'm glad to hear that." So therefore my sponsor already likes Mary & they have NOT even met. Anyway it's been amazing with her because we are so equal, not the same, but equal. She's totally amazing & even has a fault or two but I don't feel any weird "oh I wish I was better" or "oh I can fix her" thoughts. Instead it's this mutual thing & it's really deep. Have I mentioned she's totally hot & Irish. Yep hot & Irish. My god I'm a lucky woman. Last night we were bonding & talking & hugging & finally I whispered those three little words into her ear. "Don't hurt me" I said feeling my heart swell beneath my chest. And I won't tell you what she said in response because that is private, but it was beautiful.

My housemate & I went camping this weekend. First we went to the Gorge & oddly enough it was windy. Tee hee. WE had to leave because the wind was disrupting our ability to enjoy ourselves ie. blue fingertips. So we went to Trillium Lake on Mt. Hood. It was beautiful there & the mountain was so lovely. Everytime I'm on it I just remember how many years of flatland I endured as a wee one. Am so glad to live in Oregon sometimes. Anyway pics of the trip are on the way as my film needs to be developed. Toward the end of our trip my leg & ankle starting hurting quite badly. So I couldn't see the lake in the morning on Sunday as I had wished, but the buffet breakfast at Timberline lodge made up for it. Anyway it was too short of a trip & Lily was shaking cold for most of it but we had fun. My housemate is such a rockin' lady!

Started my book this week. Don't know the rate in which it will get done. I know my editing process tends to take the longest. I'm praying to co-write this sucker with G-O-D. Cuz I can't do it by my own self.

Got a new al-anon sponsor who's got me in the steps already. Liz said since I'm doing the al-anon steps which covers my relationship addiction stuff, that I no longer need to do a 4th step around relationships in the other program. Her sponsor said so, so Liz said so, so there you go.

Other than all that I'm broke, happy, tired & full & life. All is as it should be & for that I am grateful!

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