Thursday, October 26, 2006

NaBloPoMo: Am I Nuts?

Well it's crazy to even attempt this but I'm a big copy cat when it comes to cool stuff on other folks blogs, so thanks to Zee's blog post on NoBloPoMo, I'm gonna do it too. "What the eff is NaBloPoMo?" you ask. Well it seems November is National Blog Posting Month. So it's a challenge to write a post a day on ones own blog. Check out's page on NaBloPoMo at

One thing that will make it easier to blog everyday is that my sweetheart will be on holiday for most of November. And I'll be house/cat sitting for her & am sure I'll have lots of whining to do about missing her. Plus there are many things I've been meaning to write about on this blog that I just seem to never get to. November always gets me in the mood to be more introspective so woo hoo... here we go!

In other news today I'm working on filling out my voting ballot. I must sadly admit there have been elections past where I just picked the dude/ett that sounded familiar or was a democrat and ya know, just voted. This time I'm educating myself on the issues & checking out all sides before just deciding. Other than voting I'm trying to get all my cold weather clothes that were just taken out of winter storage washed. I completely forgot I have off white cords. Had them for 2 years & cannot believe they're still not completely stained. Guess I can take care of my things. So screw you mom! Ummm.....just kidding!

With Halloween coming I've finally decided on my costume. Well mostly. I'll be some kind of witch/mistress of the night character. I thought about being Uhura from Startrek and something of what I call an equal oppertunity offender, an aborted fetus. Yes I know, I know but I thought it sounded pretty scary. Then I googled pics of them & nearly lost my dinner. So since I have this sleeky black dress and great MAC makeup along with my pal Andrea willing to let me borrow her wigs, I'm all set. Anyway that's enough from me. Peace!

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