Sunday, November 26, 2006


So at the party last night I was introduced to a girl wearing a very 70's dress. A gunny sack type dress. Her breast though small were well lifted and bound within the built-in laces of the top part of the dress. For some reason my eyes kept focusing on her bodice and especially her breasts. It was so odd because even though the visual was nice enough I just kept thinking of my girlfriends luscious breasts and how much I missed her and her yummy body. So the more I thought about her breasts the more I stared at this woman's tits and I finally had to walk away because I was starting to feel like a letch.

This morning while im-ing with my pal I realized that school work will be about 20 hours per week and I work 32 hours per week. That makes a 50+ hour week. Then there are meetings and my cat and my girlfriend and my own self to spend time with. Hot dog I'm going to be very busy! Little nervous about that because with the medical stuff I have that produces a daily feeling of exhaustion, I'm scared I'll fail. I know it's just my head trying to sabotage but the reality is I'm really going to be forced to take care of myself and put my needs first. And recovery comes first and that's that. I've done school & work before but I worked 22 hours per week and was able to use some of the loan monies for living expenses. This time the probability is that I'll need to work every single hour due to AIP costing a bit more and loans won't cover all school expenses. It will all work out. If you pray, send a little one to the powers that be for me to take good care of me.

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M said...

What are you going to take at school Frances?