Sunday, November 19, 2006

How Folks Do It According to My Slutty Astrological Experiences

So my last few posts have been less than scintillating so here's a juicyone for y'all. So those who know me can tell you I love astrology andsex. I'm also what the boys called "experienced" so I thought I'd be agood person to share my insights on how people do-it according to their astrological energy. Please note that I said energy instead of Sun signbecause sometimes a person will have a Sun in Taurus but many otherplanets in Leo and will therefore be a lot more Leo like. If you arewondering what the hell I'm talking about with planets and how there ismore than "what's your sign" to astrology send me a line & I'll explain. Additionally I would be happy to do your chart. For a fee of course, this is America after all! So here we go.

Aries: Generally fun, willing to experiment and able to get freaky. Theyreally like to have sex in the shower or in bathrooms in general.

Taurus: They lick a lit so if your not into that try someone else. Theyare solid in bed and will work to make sure you get off.

Gemini: Talk ain't cheap with these folks. They want to hear you moan andsay nasty things about how good they feel to you. They love to try manythings and are quite physical. Water sports are okay with them.

Cancer: Another group of folks who like to lick. They love to be pleasedand are okay with being mostly the "bottom." Some of them will punish youin bed if you like that sort of thing.

Leo: Playful but god forbid if you don't cum. They bring their heart andego into sex. Don't be surprised if a casual thing turns into a bona fiderelationship as they love to love.

Virgo: Believe it or not these folks are powerhouse lovers who can begentle, romantic, fierce and detached. All around good, solid lovers.

Libra: Sweet, sweet and more sweet. They like romance and can be swept sexually away by your beauty and prowess. They invite rapture and alwaystry to return it. They're into anal.

Scorpio: Yes they like to do the things many won't but there is somethingabout them that even casually is quite serious. Be prepared for boundarypushing combined with a clear sense of safety.

Sagitarius: They're humpers as they are prone to use their hips a lot. Playful, passionate and sometimes reckless they want thier orgasm and ifyou don't get them off, they'll turn to the side and do it themselves.

Capricorn: They can think a bit too much and sometimes need to seduced abit more than other folks. When they're able to let go, the sex is like ayummy satisfying steak dinner.

Aquarius: They love to close their eyes and relax into words, foods and ofcourse their lover. They are able to tap into the energy of sexing,bringing vibrating stimilation to your body for an otherworldlyexperience.

Pisces: They can be great but sometimes are half there and half somewhereelse. Great sensualists they like to pleasure with their imaginations and every body part possible.

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