Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Not Much Sense

Well apparently the ol' Bush & Co. are at it again. This idea is so silly one can really only shake their head. Mark Morfords column today tells us about it and quite frankly I hoped he was joking until he provided this link. Umm what the hell is going on? Why are $50 million dollars of our darn tax monies going to fund abstinence programs that target unmarried adults under 29? I'm truly appalled. I mean it's funny. These conservatives don't want folks to get pregnant but don't want them to have hot gay sex either. They don't like it if were encouraged to masturbate as well. We can apparently only have married missionary position sex so we will make an army of the Lords children. WTF?

Abstinence education will never work. It will never work because humans are programmed to fuck. I know I don't swear much on this blog but I'm letting loose tonight. We all like to fuck. We fuck hard, soft, up, down and all around. Jesus made it so. Or at least God or nature of whatever gave us all these things called in polite company...urges. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a fan of just fucking nilly willy like I have. That stuff only gave me grief more that hot joy filled passion. But come on, folks wanna DO-IT! We wouldn't have yummy soft squishy "parts" otherwise. So what are we, a Country and World full of people with yummy genitals supposed to do. I say masturbate! Or have some hot, safer gay sex. That's right I said it. I'm advocating everyone to go to your bedroom and diddle your skittle. Choke your chicken. Pleasure yourself for the love of God and Country. And if you need a little human touch, go get that friend of the same sex or gender or at least someone who can't get you pregnant and fuckin' fuck already...with protection of course!

People, especially teens need to know it's okay and good and very normal to want to have sex. Shit I waited until I was 18. You know why? Because it wasn't forbidden. It was my choice. My mom never said, don't do-it or I'll kill you or that's nasty or you'll be a slut if you do. No, she said she would like it if I waited until I was married, but that it was my choice. And you know I think even at 18 I was still too young. Sometimes at almost 32 I feel too young. Because for me I have learned the hard way that sex can be a loaded activity. It's always more than just the "bump 'n' grind" as some say. To let go and open to pleasure alone or with others is no easy task at times. Why do you think so many folks drink? To be able to get slutty and fuck like a demon in the raw. I've learned since I've been sober that it takes love for me to do that. I know everyone else is different and that some can screw and such easily. And I have screwed as if I fell off a chair & onto someone else's mouth or cock. But for me to really show myself in that crazy mad tender raw way where we look into each others eyes and watch each other shake in primal bliss...That takes love.

So why not teach our teens to have rapture with themselves. That yes, sex can be very serious. Yes there very much can be dangerous life changing consequences. But there's nothing wrong with the urges. Nothing wrong with expressing passion. That our crazy-making society that thirsts for sex while bemoaning it doesn't have to rule our sex lives. That hot sex comes in many forms where fluids don't have to be exchanged. Okay I think I've ranted enough!

In closing I'd like to switch topics completely and mention that I get to stay over at my grandma's while I'm in MN. I'm so excited to see her. I miss her so very much. She is my heart and I just pray I don't bug her too much. She's 93 and I want to create calm and not anxiety for her. And I hope I get to see my BF in Minneapolis. It would make the trip perfect. Goodnight y'all!


Zee said...

Oh lordy lordy - don't even get me started on that stupid abstinence program. I read about it a couple weeks ago and it still makes zero sense. Sheesh...

We can apparently only have married missionary position sex so we will make an army of the Lords children. WTF?
Not just so we'll make an army of the Lord's children, but also so we don't make any (gasp!) bastards or consider having abortions... I mean, sex leads to all kinds of crazy shit, doncha know? [sighhh]

I'm all for everyone fucking, though - whether alone or with a partner, of any sex! If we could get the government out of our bedrooms, the world would be a much better place, methinks. I mean, seriously: why in hell is our government worrying about whether adults are having sex when we're at stupid war with Iraq due to lies and we still haven't found Osama bin Laden?? And oh yeah - there are these silly problems like child abuse and homelessness or our escalating unemployment rate or... need I go on?

Seriously, I fail to see how a $50 million abstinence campaign using our tax dollars is going to solve the real problems in this country.

But hey, I'm sure I'm preaching to that proverbial choir, so I'll shut up now and go eat a popsicle.

M said...

Your talk of "urges" makes me feel funny.