Sunday, November 12, 2006

PMS Can Suck It/Neat Web Links

Holy crap. Can anyone say grumpy. Today I didn't make it to work because my body was so exhausted from stress/hormones. My whole afternoon was spent crashed out on my girlfriends couch with her cat by my side. I guess I just needed a day to rest and hibernate from the place called "out there." It doesn't help that by beloved is basically a million miles away & my one year clean date is around the corner. At the same time in the last few days I've been reliving the awfulness of my last relationship a year ago and vicodin usage that went with it, combined with the triggering affects of being without my sweetheart and some funky sense of abandonment. Not too mention in less than a month I turn 32 and have been really feeling lost about career stuff. Anyway though I'll have to work my ass off this week to make up the time missed from today but I hope this time inside will keep me fueled for the duration of the unpleasant spike in hormones.

So right after I woke up this afternoon I heard the radio DJ mention that Kevin Federline is going to sell a sex tape he made with miss Britney, unless she forks over more money. Read this article for the scoop. Though I'm not a fan of Brit I think that crazy soon to be ex. of hers is quite a dick & I hope that girl grows up a little and moves on from her terrible mistake.

Now for something a bit more interesting. I was on racialicious and ran into some very intriguing articles. So some damn fool jive turkey mofo came up with a brilliant tee shirt. It has a smiley face with a fro that says "I'm hung like a black man." See the blurb on it. Just gross!

Speaking of gross inventions this article from tells us all about VH1's new reality show coming in January called "The White Rapper Show." Oh yes it gets even more odd. Some of the "challenges" for the contestants include trying to "mesh" with black culture by apparently selling sno-cones in clubs and rapping before and audience of bonafide black folk. It looks like there is a very real possibility of the network trying to play into stereotypes for ratings just like this seasons Survivor. Ya know the "black folks are oh so scary" or "white folks have no soul" crap. Errg!

Finally a funny. This from The Angry Black Woman. Hilarious. Thank you Amazon for fulfilling all your customers needs!

So there are some new sites being added to my side bar. Please check these out.

Well that's it from me. Here's to a peaceful week and a year (on Wednesday) clean and very sober.


Melissa said...

I wish I would have had a list of healthy dishes to make when I was young and strapped for cash.

Anonymous said...

Don't be prejudiced. You are very wrong about The (White) Rapper Show playing into stereotypes of white people having no soul, etc. Very wrong. Watch 2 episodes and you will see it's NOTHING like what people think it will be. In fact, if you watch the whole series, you will be blown away.
Believe that.