Monday, November 27, 2006


Well her flight is late which with the snow today is expected. She lands in Seattle no less then comes the 3+ hour drive to Portland. So I'm cleaning her condo and checking on the SEATAC website & such. So I stopped at Fred Meyer today and it started snowing kinda. More like tiny iceballs that turned to slush instantly. It was fun but I knew it would slow down my baby getting back home. Arrrg! Ooh she just called and is tired but on her way! Yippee!!!!!! Anyway here's a pic I took of it today.

I liked the orange in the midst of the snow and grass & such. Now here's a story...

This weekend I was at this one place. I can't say where because one can get fired for saying stuff that has to do with work. So I'll just say I was at Play Land. Okay so while I was at Play Land I was helping this person. A person who consumes things that have words in them. The things I'll call Bools. And I'll call this person Angryevilelf. Angryevilelf came up to where I was taking money from other elves who wanted to give money for bools & straight up coughed-on-me! Like his germ filled air flowed at me. So I said to to him "please cover your mouth the next time you cough." I didn't say this bitchily ( I know it's not a word, just lay off already) but calmly and to the point.

Well Mr. Angryevilelf responded by saying to evilelf mistress "God people in Oregon are so rude" to which I said "well sir when you coughed your wind blew right on me & I don't want to get sick." This enraged Angryevilelf. I suspect that perhaps I may have also seemd like an uppity negress to him and perhaps it bugged him I had on Hothead Paisan tee that also said "Homocidal Lesbian Terrorist." He started going off on me about how rude I was and he couldn't believe I said that so I let him know that I was no longer willing to help him get his bools and that I would have someone else help him. he said good and asked for a manager and then ranted at the dude next to me that takes money from elves (not Elvis! ha!).

So the moral of the story is some folks have quite a sense of entitlement and don't want to treat other human beings what do you call 'em?.........OH yes...PEOPLE! If such a thing happens to you remember to breathe, not cowtow to some asshole and laugh it off. Laugh as soon as you can. Interesting enough when thee dude next to me was helping Angryevilelf, Angryevilelf coughed and guess what? He covered his mouth. WTF?

To answer M's question: Interactive Media Design.

Hothead Forever!

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