Monday, December 11, 2006

December 11th, 1974

I was born that day. 32 years I've been alive. I've survived so many things including my own addictions. Have lived though 9/11 and the Internet. Made love and war. All that stuff. Today all I really feel is grateful. And relaxed (I took the day off).

Right now a search in on for climbers missing on Mt. Hood. After everything with the Kim family it almost seems like Oregon is some kind of black whole into which people fall. I'm still reeling from the loss of James Kim. No I didn't know him, but something about this story is so heartbreaking. Bittersweet in it's truest. Partly I'm touched because Mr. Kim was what sounds like a wonderful father, proved by his heroic efforts in the woods to save his family. Something I doubt my father ever would have done. And I'm also touched because his daughters are mixed race and will grow up without the parent of color there to guide them directly on their journeys. Something else I relate to. I was saddened to see that a comic at an anti death penalty benefit felt a need to make a joke about this event by playing into the Asian driver stereotype.

Sometimes I just don't get people. Sometimes I just want to give up and assume all people suck and then I read a great article by Mark Morford at the SF Chronicle and decide I'll try to like this place called America on more time.

Since it is my birthday it means it's time for a viewing of my solar return chart. It's an astrology chart that shows where the planets & such were at the exact time my Sun was in the same sign & degree as it was when I was born. This happens every year right on or the day before or after one's b-day. For instance I was born at 11:03am 32 years ago. This year though the Sun was in the same degree as it was 32 years ago after 5am this morning. Here's my chart:

Click on it for a better view.

So just for fun I made a new little title banner on this blog because.... well I wanted to. And down a bit in the side bar I made a matching button so feel free to use it & connect folks to Redolence!

So my birthday weekend was wonderful. Mary and I had a very sexy time at a wonderful B&B called Heron Haus. Our room was upgraded when we got there so we were on the top floor with a view over looking the city. The room was called Manu and it looked like this:
I recommend this place. We hardly wanted to leave. It was so relaxing with the fireplace, huge King size bed and this amazing shower head (no not like that) called the rain dance or something. We went to August Moon on NW 23rd for dinner because I love Chinese American food and then to Papa Haydn's for dessert.

Back at our luscious room we romped around and yes folks had some awesome sex. Though right after I got nausea and had to finish what we started the next morning. After we left Heron Haus we went to Lush and Ms. M got some stuff for peeps including a yummy smelling oil bar thingy for me. We relaxed at home, played cards and ate at Chez Jose for dinner. Then the finale. The Gospel Christmas program at the Schnitz. It was the best one I had ever been to. Folks couldn't stop clapping, the audience was dancing and everyone seemed regardless of religious belief happy for baby Jesus or at least the music honoring him. Mary said I was "swimming in the good vibes" and she's right! So lovely.

Well it's time to do some reading and relaxing. One more thing though. If you have not already explored my favorite blog Racialicious, I really encourage you to do so. I really love it. Every week is a new podcast, links to great articles and so much more. I cannot even begin to sing this blog's praises. So with that happy holidaze y'all. I look forward to another year of growing into the woman I wish to be & staying open to the love and joy that surrounds us all! Peace!


Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Frances. That looks like a wonderful place for a birthday weekend. And yeah, Mark Morford is great.

Zee said...

Happy birthday, chica! Sounds like you had the best possible weekend! WOO!

Carmen Van Kerckhove said...

Wow - thank you so much for the love you've shown to Racialicious! :) What an awesome holiday gift to us!