Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pray for Me

From here on out it's quality time with my mother. Her birthday is today & I can't say how old she is or she'll kill me but she is between 59 and 61. Today were going to a spa called Raw Beauty. I think it will be fun. It's just that in the past when I've spent more than a few hours with her my whole psyche starts to feel rather taxed & I get cranky with her. Especially annoying it that I got up early to get to a 7am meeting and was disappointed to find that the meeting wasn't happening this morning. So I'm going to call the MPLS intergroup & get my ass to one tonight.

Well I'm off to try and get a nap in & mentally prepare of a day+ of my moms theater of the absurd. Yesterday with pal Heather was awesome. More on that later. Peace y'all!


Sara said...

your day is most likely over, but I'll say a prayer just in case, xx

Sara said...

Happy New Year