Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Love Snow in PDX!

It was yet another great snow day today. Just being out there crunching around and smiling. It's a great time to chit-chat with strangers and play. Walking around in SE Portland today my new friend/lover DJ & I decided to take pics of snowmen that we saw. The one in this picture reminded me of Caesar with the crown of leaves.

Very tired yet again. We got about 5 hours of sleep which is a vast improvement over the last time she slept over & we never feckin' slept! The key phrase in my head at this point is One Day at a Time. After my last relationship I don't want to rush. Though I must admit I'm having a rockin' time & do wonder if she & I could really have something. We have this thing. It's something I can't even put words to. So I'm just trying to remember take this one day, if not one hour at a time.

We have the best damn sexual chemistry I've ever had. That's very dangerous for me because great sex has always turned my brain into scrambled eggs. Like great sex equaled love and I know from experience that is not true at all. And what's really interesting is sex is one thing but just it's just kissing her even that puts deep flutters waving through my body. And then adding on all the other aspects of sexuality and...Wow! Plus DJ is just a cool lady. We have so much in common and are very at ease with each other. We're both spiritual, loyal, strong & happy. So I'm just praying. Praying for peace of mind and heart. Praying to take things slow & really know her without trying to make her be what I might want her to be. I'm praying for guidance and that my relationship to God/dess and self comes first no matter what. I have no other choice for anything else brings insanity. And you know insanity is very dehydrating! Seriously!

Speaking of sex, here's a link to an SF Gate article by Violet Blue: 2006's top 10 sex stories. Enjoy! Peace to you & me.

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