Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Weird Tuesday!

Customers were weird at work today. One dude thought there was a mouse turd on his book but it was just a marker stain. Another guy got mad because he the store required ID for returns. One poor lady got bitchy with me so I got bitchy back and then we apologised to each other and held hands. Funny stuff. Not so funny however is this huge stupid crap with my mail-in pharmacy Express Scripts. If I go into the story I'm afraid I'll break this computer so I'll just say I finally got my meds today after many curse words and only had to pay $4.

Bush was on TV tonight but I can't watch him without wanting to tear my hair out so there you go.

Since the Sun went into Aquarius the air around me has felt strange. More grumpy I guess.But here is something to NOT be grumpy about. Gay.com has a lovely article on how 50 couples in Colorado protested unequal marriage laws by getting married. LGBT organizations there handed out licences to love. Kewl!

In other homo news this whole Isiah Washington thing is bringing up a lot of feelings for folks. This week he met with GLAAD people and I must admit I'm really (pardon the pun) glad about this. The last thing we need are more wounds between minorities. This post on Racialicious has brought out some interesting comments (unfortunately including mine) on if Mr. Washington should be fired.

Anyway I think it's time for a slice of hot pepper jack cheese and relaxation. Peace!

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