Monday, February 26, 2007


My Friday meeting and Monday meeting of two different programs had this same theme. And since I'm PMSing I think it's good to focus on acceptance right now. It's the only thing that begins the healing when I feel emotionally jumbled.

I can't really go into details about the changes going on at work because I think it's a bad idea to get into work stuff on a blog (see dooce). But there are some things going on that are forcing me to look once again at my professional future. I'm not worrying. My attitude right now is that good will come out of what's happening. And right now with Mercury in Retrograde I'm not going to start something new but would like to look again at options I've been considering.

Photo courtesy of unprofound.

This year I'm giving up guilt for Lent. It never helps & often my guilt comes from trying to be the ways others want me to be. I finally know now that when others judge me it's because of their need to judge & not about me. So when I feel bad that at 32 I have or have not done this or that I can accept that my family, friends and others expectations are just reflections of my own perfectionism. Once I'm aware of that I can accept where I'm at, where they may be coming from & take the action to take care & love myself. Thus far it's been a great Lent.

Things with my new girl are lovely. We got to play house this weekend & had so much fun! I think I want to write a song about her.

Well that's all from me. Peace!

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Sara said...

that's a fantastic thing to give up for Lent!!