Thursday, February 08, 2007

Goodbye Anna. Goodbye Everything.

Why in goodness name does her passing make me so sad. I didn't know her except for US Weekly updates and the occasional Access Hollywood mentions. But her death pains me. I guess it's because she was a troubled woman who reminds me of the troubled woman I used to be and could have been. Anna Nicole Smith proved so many things to us by the life she lived. That being blonde, rich & famous doesn't get a person health and happiness. How many times do we hope for beauty, fame & fortune? And we don't got any happier from those things. Joy is an inside job for me and I suspect that simple path is the better, not any easier path. Her drug use/abuse reflects my own desires to orbit out of the world as it is. And soberiety has shown me it's possible not only the stand this place, it's possible to thrive. Goodbye to you Anna. Goodbye to everything that pained you and me and the rest of us.

As for my own little life I've been busy but good. Working extra and dating has meant fewer meetings so I'm back on the saddle with that and it feels good.
Finished the Sidney Poitier bio and am reading Hokum which is so far kinda funny.
Peace y'all!

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