Sunday, April 15, 2007

Quotes from Harry Allen

So I wanted to pass these quotes along from the spectacular podcast episode on Addicted to Race that featured Jason Tanz & Harry Allen. Mr. Tanz didn't particularly impress me but Mr. Allen was so great! Here's a couple quotes:

"Anytime anyone mistreats another person, they are engaging in some form of fantasy, some form of denial that that's not really a human or that's not really someone whose really accorded everything I'm accorded."

"What Black people want most from white people is the elimination of white supremacy. And anything short of that is really just minstrelsy of a kind."

Thank you Mr. Allen for saying what needed to be said in a succinct heartfelt manner!
Peace y'all!

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Carmen said...

Hey Frances, thank you so much for that great audio comment you left - I just listened to it. Look for it in next week's episode. :)

And yeah, Harry Allen rocks!