Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Busy Beaver!

That's me. Memorial day (observed) was a day to remember (har har). After the clouds burned off it was a beautiful & bright day in the City of Roses. My beloved & I were housesitting & had a lovely secluded backyard to sunbathe in the buff in. Ahh nothing like a warm sun kissed ass! Of course in a secluded backyard one has to engage in lots-o-hanky panky, which we did with great pleasure. Good times!

There's lot's of other stuff going on (all good things!) but I shall digress on spilling the beans today. Let me just say I'm a very happy camper!

Also let me say that I'm looking forward to this summer's Portland Gay Pride celebration! Me thinks this is the year I'll go topless in the dyke march. We'll see! Peace y'all!

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