Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hear Me Now! In Love in a too white Town

That's right! Would you like to listen to my goofy opinion on the Imus controversy? Well just get yerself over to the podcast Addicted to Race & listen to episode #68. I'm the first person giving feedback on episode #67 where Carmen & Yolanda discuss Imus & his ridiculousness. If you wish to get right into hearing moi, skip ahead about 8 minutes & then you can hear me wax philosophical about how his apology ought to have gone. Pardon the shameless plug but what can I say: I like to talk!

And now an update on my little world. I'm bleeding. I'm tired & yesterday I had the headache from hell. I took so much ibuprofen to knock it out I would up with a belly ache & had to take Tums. Am better today after napping my ass off all day as I had to leave work early & miss my home group. Today is a laundry day & will possibly finish the book Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I can't believe I'm reading a young adult book on vampires, but it's pretty good actually. Tomorrow I'll have to grab New Moon, the next book in the series. Check out the customer comments on these books. Some of the girls leaving comments are so cute. One chick is all "I'm in love with the main character." Man I remember having literary crushes. Funny stuff.

Speaking of being so in love...I am! My sweetheart & I are doing beautifully. Everything is just so lovely. Not one fight, not one issue. Only sweetness & fun. I mean we have serious discussions about us, the world, family. Lately we've been talking about ...gulp...shacking up. And though were not ready yet, were getting ready to be ready if that makes any sense. Figuring out stuff like how we like the toilet paper to sit on the roll (over vs. under), chores we like/hate and what would be okay/not okay in our home such as alcohol or stoned friends. Anyway we decided that we'll know when we know when were ready & that courting is so important because you only get to court like this once & I'm loving it & wish to savor each moment!

My ladyfriend & I have also been If we do/don't want them and if so would we adopt or what. I must admit I've been on the fence for a long long time. I've always felt like parenting depended on a number of factors like having a partner that was right & enough money & being personally healthy physically & emotionally. There is also the factor that fertility is indeed finite so if I wanted to squirt out a kid, my time sadly is limited. One thing I really would have to think about is about raising children of color here in Portland. It's the whitest town in America & many a day I question why I'm here because it sucks to be so surrounded by people who don't look like me and can barely understand anything about being a racial minority. It's a town filled with semi-well meaning folks who think because they vote democratic they're down with POC and that just isn't the case.

Last month I had to deal with folks at an otherwise lovely dinner get into a discussion over my ethnicity. Finally I just said "I'm a child of God & that's it." And I know no matter where I go I'm going to have to deal with someone being uncomfortable with my racial-ness but I can decrease the number of times this happens & live where there are more chances to feel connected to other POC that get it. This will likely not happen here in Oregon and I really don't want to make my kids go through the way I feel here. Shit even yesterday at work someone was making fun of the fact that some folks are uncomfortable going a place called the White Bar. Bloody hell how is that funny? And it's so gawd awful anglo there no one even needed to worry that the lone WOC was around the corner to hear the little funny. AHHHHH!

So babies are a possibility. I've met someone I want to have a family with. What will happen I don't know, so today I'm just going to keep on keeping on & take good care of myself. Peace!

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