Sunday, July 22, 2007

Splat! Vay Cay Pics!

On Friday I went splat. Was running late for work on the day of J K Rowling's final Harry Potter release. The line for the book began at 6:30am & the book wouldn't be released until midnight and one minute which meant there was a slew of Potter fans infront of me watching as I tripped on the curb & my entire body thudded onto the concrete outside of the bookstore. I skinned my knee & elbow, punctured my pride as three older ladies came to my aid cooing & helping me up and bruised various areas of my body. It was not pretty. I didn't even know I had fallen until I was already making full frontal contact with the sidewalk. I had to go home early to ice & elevate & missed the Deathly Hallows extravaganza. Boo hoo! I'm recovering just fine but am sad I missed the final party as I've attended every Harry Potter release we've had. Ah well!

So for now I'm just going to show some pics of my trip & explain as much as I can for being tired in the moment. Hope y'all enjoy!

The morning we depart I'm happy & relaxed! Just 3 hours to Pendleton Oregon

Baby Alex is so sweet! He & I stared at each other a lot!

Ethan is his own little person! He came up to me on the stairs & just sat there. This pic was snapped & he took off

Kirkham Hot Springs in Idaho. So pretty. We plan to go back & swim!

Target was a very friendly horse. You would walk towards him & he'd start walking to you. Liked to bite a little though!
My beloved with Target at her dad's place

We we're in Idaho & I can't even remember where but we passed this auto shop & had to take our pics there. Can you blame us?

The funny thing too was it seemed like mainly dykes we're driving in and out of the place. I need to see if this place has a tee-shirt!

Sidney & Lucy. Teacup chihuahuas. Very sweet & brave girls on our trip. Here they stand in Crouch Idaho on their human grandmothers porch.


Zee said...

Ohhh, you guys looked happy and relaxed and having a grand ole' time!! Love the first pic!

Looking forward to chatting with you tomorrow and I'm so glad you guys had a great trip.

(Sorry about the trip in the street thoogh... boo! Hope you're on the mend quickly...)

Sara said...

Looks like a fab holiday!! Cute photos :)

Hope you've recovered from the curb incident!!