Monday, August 13, 2007


I love John Mayer's music. He's a soulful little dude! Anyway here's something for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.

My 3 days off were good. I spent one of the days on the couch all day & night watching movies. I saw Apollo 13 which quite frankly wasn't as good as I'd hoped. It was directed by Ron Howard which explains that. Next was Antwone Fisher. I really enjoyed the heck out of that film! Some parts of the movie touched me so deeply I cried. Plus it has Denzel who I think is amazing in every movie he's in. Last I watched... oh shit I forget. Damn oh well.

The next day my sweetheart & I went to a meeting and then had a yummy lunch at the Detour Cafe which never disappoints. After that we looked at some reptiles & tarantulas a few block down the street at a pet store. Not my favorite but my partner likes these things. So to settle my fright we looked at fish at another which was much better!

Later that evening we went to my dear friend Zee's birthday bash & had a nice time & ate really good veggie chili. I gave her a nice necklace with swarovski crystals which are really nice to bead with! Then we got home & made sweet sweet love. Pretty good days off!


LM said...


Do you know John Mayer is at least 6'3"?

FrancesM said...

Touche indeed. He's a subtle dude, I really more what I mean.