Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Personal Photo

I know my most recent posts have been mostly pics and today is no exception. Today is the first day I got out of bed & didn't fall back in so a longer more substantial post will come soon. Until then I thought I'd post a personal photo. No not personal like that. Just a pic of me & my beloved. All the photos of her on this blog have been sun glassed or the side of her head or perhaps a tooth. With her blessing I wish to introduce you all to her beautiful handsome face.

My love & I last Sunday at our friends wedding. Though I have been in many a photo with past partners & lovers I think this is the first pic I'm in with someone where it's so obvious I'm totally in love. And I can't help gushing... I really am! Peace!



Zee said...

You both look gorgeous!!! :)

Sara said...

fantastic photo - you look so happy!