Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Reparations Day is Tomorrow! Are You Ready?

I almost am. I've got the sign made, made work schedule arrangements, have allies set up, an interview set up & such. Only I have one small problem. I need a can or something good of some sort that I can collect change in. I'm thinking of using my coffee mug that says "Touch your own hair." Anyway short of that I'm ready, even, finally- mentally.

I'll be in NE Portland between 10am & 2pm near Lloyd Center. We'll see what happens as I try to be a part of opening up this important issue for all Americans and the world.

Please check out my post at the National Reparations blog. In the meantime tomorrow please look for folks in your own cities & support them in their performances. A smile may go a long way for those who are not as brazen as they may seem (like myself!).

Please visit the Reparations Day website and the Reparations Day blog for more on this Nation wide event!

from my August 8th post:

"As we all know slavery sucked. And the effects of such soul crushing devastation still haunt the United States today. Reparations is basically an apology from those who have benefited from such a hideous institution in the form of money. Who has benefited from slavery? All white people. Yes even you, your mama, daddy & so on."
Special thanks to Jack Stephens for noticing this blog and that quote at The Blog & The Bullet


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Sara said...

too bad i'm missing this - you'll have to post all about it since the uk isn't doing anything for it (no surprise there - lol)