Sunday, November 04, 2007

Grumpy Franny

No real idea why I'm a bit moody today. Maybe I'm sensitive to the time change. Maybe I don't want to have to go to work today when my beloved just got back from Idaho. Maybe it's no reason at all. Anyway I was walking to work and thinking about topics to rant about today. Like a list of things I hate or something. But really how productive to my own psyche is that, or my wonderful readers. So instead I took a pic with my camera phone of the Willamette River and decided to list 20 things I love (I'll save the list of things I hate for a day I'm really grumpy!). Here goes...

  1. When I cook something for the first time and it turns out really well.

  2. Snuggling with people & animals I love

  3. Reading a riveting book

  4. Watching a riveting film

  5. Music that feeds my soul

  6. Walking on a sunny fall day

  7. Making love with someone who's really good at it

  8. Carrying out plans that empower me

  9. Feeling inspired

  10. My mama

  11. My beloved

  12. Friendly strangers

  13. Traveling and finding cool treasures to wear that remind me of the place I'd been

  14. Getting the house clean & then spending the rest of the day enjoying it

  15. Smelling lovely smelling flowers

  16. My fingernails painted

  17. Creme brulee

  18. Reaching out to others

  19. Quiet

  20. Dancing
Peace y'all! ~F

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