Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy Hews Years from QWOC!

I think this e-card sums up well how I'm feeling about what I'd like to be doing tonight. My sweetie & I know we're going to dinner at the same place we went last year as a kind of new tradition. Then a movie & possibly going out for a bit. If I had my druthers though I'd read through the night after dinner and that would be that.

Speaking of reading I just finished Written in Bone by Simon Beckett and it was a very suspensful novel. If you like mysteries I really reccommend it! Now I get to start on one of the books given to me for x-mas. I got 3 in all including the one I'm starting today I Am Legend by Richard Mattheson.

In other news I was thinking of doing a recap of 2007 but decided against it because it would pretty much be different forms of this statement:
I'm in love & have finally found the woman of me dreams.

So there's no point in grossing anyone out even further.
There's not a whole lot more I have to say about '07. It was an amazing year & I'm excited for the blessings 2008 will bring. My goal (not resolution) for this year is to simply love. More & more & more.

Peace you all this evening and in '08! Enjoy this great video from a Dave Chappelle episode where Big Boi from Outkast does the best performance.

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