Sunday, December 23, 2007

PMS + Working Retail + Missing My Family + a Full Moon = My Annual Holiday Freakout!

So after a minor back and fourth discussion over what my partner & I are eating on x-mas day we got into the shower. I'm washing my hair, she's soaping her back. Then somehow I got soap in my right eye. The eye's feeling all sting-y and my partner suggests I let the shower water run upon it. I do but the eye still stings. So after a minute she said "rub your eyes under the water" so I did and it helped. But a funny thing happened soon after.

My eye naturally was watering itself to get the soap out. As this was happening my beloved got out of the shower & I stayed in there rinsing off my soapy boobs when the post soap state of my eye triggered a massive crying jag. Next thing I know I'm totally sad and can't hardly speak. My love is asking what's wrong & I was utterly choked up. All I could do was feel the longing for being with my biological family this year, especially my grandma.

The sobbing only lasted a couple minutes & after I got out of the shower I was feeling emotionally raw but okay. Then I realized I seem to have one of these holiday crying episodes every year. And well, it's just a part of the season for me. So now that that's out of the way I can focus on the best part of x-mas: free shit! I can't wait to open presents!

My mom was so super cool. She gave my sweetie & I a bunch-o-cash towards our wedding. When I called & thanked her she got all sweet & traditional saying "that's what the brides family is supposed to do." Also so far I got some yummy Aveda Blue Oil, for those days (like today) when I need a little tension relief.

Speaking of wedding stuff there will be a big ol' celebration in Portland at the Gerding Theater on January 2nd. Not for us per se, but all wishing to celebrate the new domestic partnership law. If you plan on getting domesticated in Oregon this year, take this survey. Why? Why the eff not!

We plan on doing the legal registering thing the 2nd or third of January. We have decided when this takes place we will be married and a ceremony & party will follow later in the year. More details as all this gets closer. Anyway hope ya'll are staying joy filled and true to yerselves.


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