Friday, December 28, 2007

Wal Mart Sucked me In & I'm NOT Happy About it!!!

What follows is an open letter to the creator

Dear Lord or whatever you are-

I did it. I know it was wrong but what was I supposed to do? We got a gift certificate after all and to waste it would have been bad. Only after we shopped at *sigh* I can hardly say it with throwing up a little... Wal Mart we realized we could have given the gift cards away. But alas we didn't. Wood Village was where it happened and I can't believe it was so damn easy to get to. Just a straight shot on Sandy Blvd.!

And would you believe we found a parking spot right by the door? And then we had to face how the heck we were going to spend the $100 in Wal Money. Well we did what we had discussed before we arrived at the mega store and got groceries. I took at my cell phone and pulled up the calculator function on it and we began to count every Wal Cent because we didn't want even one of our pennies going to that place. The whole thing made us feel dirty. Yet the trip was surprisingly delightful.

As always when my sweetheart & I are together we have fun even if we're doing the dishes so we made the best out of being at a location of one of the worlds most exploitative companies. We shopped though aisles that were not crowded and purchased item that were far more inexpensive than at our local grocers. We loaded our cart to the brim for $100 with items like garbage bags, salad dressing, garden burgers and of course organic canola oil. The goal was to stock up on essentials so we wouldn't have to worry about certain items for a while. We did what we had to do and the horrid truth is... we enjoyed it. Aggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!

Even the staff was nice there & we saw all these signs telling us how much Wal Evil Mart has donated to charities. So we tried to let go of our guilt until we got out of the store. I know how bad they are. I've preached the gospel of yucky about them. And until yesterday I personally had never spent a penny in that place (and technically I didn't because it was a gift card damn it!). So please forgive me. I beg you. And I promise it will never happen again (unless we get another gift card & we may give in to temptation then too). Thank you for everything!

Your pal,

P.S. Here's a pic of everything we got. And I know I know. But we just simply forgot to bring our own bags! Sorry!


the fruitfemme said...

It happens. Just remember that shopping there is better than not using the card and just "donating" the money to MallWart. Happy Merry Holly Days!

Zee said...

Agggggggggggh.... I feel your pain. I don't know that I would have done anything differently in the same situation (because as the fruitfemme says, you certainly don't want to donate the money to them!)

I say, enjoy having extra of the things you need and use regularly and view it as a gift from whoever gave you the gift card: you can pretend you don't know where it all came from! :)

(And speaking of stocking up, I heard about this site called that helps you find the cheapest deals at your local grocery stores through sales and couponing. I've saved a ton of money so far!)