Sunday, January 06, 2008

Can't Think of a Good Title Today!

After finding out about domestic partnerships in Oregon being on hold I've been in a deep funk. Depression & heartbreak have been the status quo for the last week & try as I might, I have not been able to shake it off. When this level of devastation seeps into my heart it's hard for me to be social in any way. Being around people is akin to mild torture and I just can't connect to others by the way of emailing, talking on the phone or blogging. Even work has been hard to get through and I tend to feel good putting my nose to the proverbial grindstone. But since this little ol' blog was recently featured (go here if the previous link doesn't work then go to page 22) in Just Out, a local queer rag in Portland, I figured I need to make contact with y'all and keep going so those who are meant to read & feel this do. So here we go.

The candlelight vigil at the Q Center this week turned out to be wonderful. I was afraid it would be a somber and completely uninspired event & I'm happy to report I was quite wrong. It was very inspiring to not only be in a room with fellow queers who felt the pain this delay has caused, but there was a sense of unity not always felt in a group scene like this. Too boot the message of the night was that it's time to fight, to take a stand & to work for equality. Folks were fired up & there was focus passion that gave me a glimmer of hope that night. At one point my beloved & I got in front of the group & spoke up about how we feel about this delay and I felt so proud to be her lady & know that we are more that a great match but truly kindred spirits and together we'll fight for justice and the freedom to love.

Later that night we went to Wild Abandon and had an incredible salmon dinner then went home to watch PBS's LGBT television show In The Life. It was a great episode because all the stories got us talking. Kate Clinton (click on the link to see a pic of her & I together) interviewed Margaret Cho and they we're discussing all the scandals of 2007 involving right wing republicans and Christians who were caught being "gay." Mrs. Cho said the funniest statement & I think we can all agree when she said "... 2007 was the year of the sorry old queen." And my sweetie added "with no piano bar to go to." So true. Also on In The Life was a story about queer folks in the hip hop music industry. Since most of the folks who know me understand I love hip hop my ears were immediately perked when the story was introduced. Of the artists featured the rap group KIN took my breath away. These women were not only queer women of color but could spit and were fawking hotties too! If they ever come to Portland or even Seattle I'm going to be first in line to see them.

Okay that's it for now. I'll have some upcoming interviews soon so stay tuned. In the meantime...

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