Monday, January 21, 2008

Full Moon/Mercury in Retrograde is Coming

It must be a full moon because I normally don't post 3 times in a day. But what can I say? Anyway the planet Mercury will soon go retrograde. Basically from January 25th to February 23rd we may feel the effects of Mercury retrograde in Aquarius. What does it all mean? Here's a great blog with a post that's a good for learning more.

Also note that Aquarius is an air sign and is an energy that is kinda like the absent minded professor, so be careful when driving, walking while chewing gum and any gatherings where you might say... a little too much that doesn't quite make sense. Computers are very much at risk especially in this round of Mercury retrogrades for 2008 so back up everything, write shit down and don't start that new website until the end of February.

Since it was a full moon today here is a pic that I took of my sweetie & I last night that I doctored up with some sepia tone. Doesn't she look like she's turning into a werewolf? Click on the picture & you'll see something kewl!
All right that's enough out of moi. Enjoy it all y'all!


Zee said...

Oh lord, I don't think I can take Mercury in retrograde again... I'm just recovering from the LAST time it was there... Sigh...

Thanks for the heads up, tho.

Sara said...

what does this mean if I'm born on the 25th of Jan that I can talk gibberish & have an excuse?