Friday, January 11, 2008

It's Friday Y'all. Time for Some Yummy Links!

By the powers invested in me I've decided Fridays are going to generally be link lovin' days from here on. That doesn't mean I won't ever bore y'all to death with stories about how in love I am or political rants and such, but I like great links & now there's a bit more structure for them. Anywho we'll see how long this trend lasts. :-)

So first things first. My pal Roy sent me a link to the Minnesota Public Radio website that has a Select-a-Candidate quiz. If you're trying to figure out what's what in terms of presidential candidates you wish would not eff up the country more, try this quiz. Essss gooooot! My results matched with Hilary Clinton the most & John Edwards coming second. Which is funny because right now I like them both the most. But I have for very sure not decided yet!

Next is an interview with Chisa Hutchinson who is a Playwright and beautiful QWOC. She wrote a play about attitudes towards homosexuality in the "urban" community called She Like Girls. Hutchinson was the only Black drama major at Vassar, raised in New Jersey and was given away by her mother at age four. Needless to say she's had a very interesting life with some amazing experiences! Check out more at the blog SistersTalk.

Moving right along... locally at the Q Center tonight is a film screening and reception for the film Ballot Measure 9. The film has won many accolades and details the the 1992 struggle in oregon for equality. For more on the film go to The event tonight starts at 7pm. Tomorrow night the Q Center also hosts an event called 30+ years in the making: Stories from the struggle for our rights. It begins at 7:30pm and the organizers say "Join us for a roundtable discussion, Q&A and in-person discussion featuring over twenty amazing leaders and activists through the years from Portland's LGBTQ community." Guests include Barbara Roberts, Terry Bean, Sam Adams and many more. Be a part of this night aand honor the activists who have fought for freedom. For more info visit this link.

And for those of you who are PDX homo's check out this little quiz to see how well you know Oregon LGBTQ2S history.
Who was the first Oregon legislator to introduce a gay rights bill?

Have yerselves a very merry weekend!

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