Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Loss/Black History Month Starts Today (unofficially)

There are no words to really describe the loss I feel about what I'm about to share here. I know that these things may seem trivial & really they are, but I'm still bummed. Waaahh!

Portland Steak & Chophouse is changing its menu & will no longer have it's wonderful happy hour. Good lord the burgers are yummy & an awesome Caesar salad for $2 is a small piece of heaven. My beloved & I were there Monday nigh when our waitress broke the sad news. She said starting February 1st there will be only half-price appetizers. I know I'm not the biggest fan of change but still, things just won't be the same!

Golden Jade on SE Belmont is gone! I didn't even know until I passed by it this morning on my way to a bus stop. It was a great little place with the most friendly orders & very good and salty egg foo young. Now what are my partner & I going to do for takeout nearby? No more egg flower soup when were sick. No more Mongolian beef. Good god!

Bearitos makes this delicious and cheap canned bean dip that I love to eat with my yuppie corn chips. Well now Whole Foods no longer stocks it. I found this out on my lunch break today! I wondered around the store forlorn wondering what the hell to eat. I finally settled on an organic banana, yuppie corn chips & a bean, rice & cheese WF frozen burrito. The shame!

After all this I also hear that one one presidential candidate I was actually excited for dropped out. That's right. The white man I liked best. I think it's because his campaign was oh-I-don't-know .....honest. He was for the working U.S. American. Fawk!

Okay on a way different note!

So since Black folk get the short end on the calender stick when it comes to having a month to celebrate a people I like to declare a few days before February 1st the beginning of Black History Month. So hazzah and welcome to Black History Month!
This year I'm going to make a special focus on African Americans who have made music that inspires & also queer African Americans. Sometimes someone will be both & that's awesome. The first person I plan to feature will be your favorite & mine Sylvester the disco giant and drag diva.

Once again Welcome to Black History Month!

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