Friday, January 25, 2008

On the Mend

Since late Tuesday afternoon I've been sick as hell. Some kind of evil sinus cold thingy invaded my head & wouldn't let go. Though I'm 75% better I'm still trying to take things slowly & not push myself. In that vein I'm not going to worry about doing a fabulous post to make up for not posting since Tuesday. Instead here's a play-by-play my sick time was spent.
  • Tuesday at 3pm. Get off work. Feeling sleepy. Hang with my girl, head to SE and eat Pho at Pho Van.
  • 5pm. Fall asleep on the couch with the dogs and cat.
  • Wednesday at 5pm. Finally get up after sleeping off & on for 24 hours. Take vitamins and sinus medicine, eat & watch coverage of Heath Ledger's death.
  • 9pm. Go back to bed.
  • Thursday at 1pm. Eat. Take meds. Watch Porky's 2 and Amityville 2. God help me!
  • 5pm. Take a nap.
  • 7pm. Get up to watch more coverage on Heath Ledger. Watch an episode of from the first season of Miami Vice while waiting for NBC's The Celebrity Apprentice. So good!
  • 10pm. Read David Sedaris to my sweetie which promptly puts both of us to sleep.
  • Wake up at 8:16am on Friday praying I can get though the work day.

Good times. Anyway I hope you all stay warm & healthy this week & I'll be back later with links!


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