Friday, February 15, 2008

It's Only Because I Love You! Friday Linkage

Hot dog it's been a busy week as I previously mentioned. And for some gawd awful reason Blogger's spell check is not working for me lately so I apologize if words are misspelled, but I am a really shitty speller. So before I get to the links I must share this utterly silly pic my sweetie & I took the other night. Now I want you to picture Amy Winehouse singing that rehab song as you view the following. Ready? Are you sure? Okay here is our dog Lucy with what we were trying to make look like a bouffant wig (but is really a dark brown sock!)...

I sent this pic to a bunch of my friends but I'm not sure all of them know wtf was on the dogs head. Okay... time for links!

Here's a handy little link that I found from Girl Robot on George satan Bush's Legacy. Click here to not be suprised by the crackpot job this dude has done for the US of A. Anyone suprised that folks outside the US don't regard this country as highly as they did in 2001? Or that consumer debt is up 5 trillion? Or that we have more un-insured Americans now than we did 7 years ago? I'm not. Before I get steamed up I shall move on.

So what is even more awesome than new good lookin' clothes? Clothes that are sweatshop free of course! Check out to learn about the campaign for getting the government (aka the MAN) to only do business with business' that are NOT sweatshops. Here's Portland Oregon's resolution. Does your city have one? If not go here to take action.

Okay so have you heard of the dance nights at clubs where they focus one 2 particular artists and kinda pit them against each other for maxium dance joy? Well next Friday the 22nd at the Goodfoot (2845 SE Stark) it will be James Brown vs. Stevie Wonder. It should be worth noting that you cannot really compare these two but you can have a fun time dancing to their grooves. The Goodfoot website doesn't seem to have anything about the event listed as I right this, so call them at (503)239-9292 or try their website in a day or two.

Moshi Moshi (which I can't vouch is sweatfree) is having a Mr. T art show for their grand opening at their new digs on West Burnside and 9th. I personally love the persona of Mr. T & hope to see some good art that honors him. March 6th is the day and 6pm-9pm is the time. Learn more about Moshi Moshi here.

Last but of course not least is yet another goody via Girl Robot. At Rands In Repose there is a terribly on point post about nerds. Need to understand a nerd in your life? Try this handy Nerd Handbook! Not only is this post funny but may be helpful to nerds & non-nerds alike. For instance it's helpful to note that the nerd needs a cave to work on projects. Or that the nerd always has in her/his head the relevancy factor. Or how "small talk is the bane of the nerds existence." God gawd how fawking true. The only thing I couldn't totally relate to is the computer thing. Though I love computers I refuse at this point to have one in my home. But I think it's because I am so nerdy, I'd never leave the fawking house if I did. Anyway if you get any of what I'm saying, check it out.

Well I'm off to do laundry. Peace y'all!

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