Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Margaret B. Jones You Did Some Bad Bitty!

From Trans World:
Margaret B. Jones admitted that she lied in her memoir "Love and Consequences: A Memoir for Hope and Survival" and that the basis of her novel was a hoax.

Jones, whose real name is Margaret Smeltzer, said in her book that she was a half-White, half-Native American girl who suffered child abuse while being brought up by foster parents in gritty south-central Los Angeles. She claimed to have kept herself alive by running drugs for members of the Bloods, a notorious street gang in L.A.

So umm yeah. What is funny about all this is Library Journal raved about this faux memoir yet gave James McBrides excellent novel a shitty review. So the lesson here is don't trust Library Journal's reviews! Bad bitty!

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Grumpy Granny said...

That so sucks. She probably couldn't get anywhere with it as a novel, so she turned it into a "memoir" and viola. Sheesh. I would not have the guts to show my face if I was stupid enough to do something like that!