Tuesday, March 11, 2008

QWOC Changes

If your reading this post you may have already noticed one change. The brand spankin' newly designed by moi header is my favorite thus far. It's bright, pretty, natural and of course... pink. Plus it's bigger & bolder, which I think aptly represents my nature these days. Anywho I hope y'all enjoy this new header as I think it will be up through summer. The credit for the photo goes to Ian Britton from the website FreeFoto.com.

The other change is on a completely different level. As my regular readers may know, there is a tag I've used for posts that discuss my personal life moments of weirdness or whatever. The tag used was "Life Bitches." After much thought I've decided to take the b-word out of my vocabulary. I don't like the way that word is used to describe women. And it seems to often be used to describe women who are comfortable with power. Overuse of power is as we all know, can happen to anyone regardless of gender & I'm sick of seeing women called the b-word when their being jerks just because they happen to be female jerks. It's derogatory & I no longer wish to participate in such prejudiced language, even if it's being used in jest or for things that don't have to do with women per se.

I'll keep that old tag as it has been used because that was where I was at and like rings of a tree, this blog is a witness to my changes & growth. From here on out though I'll use the tag "That's Life" to describe those bizarre moments in life.

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Grumpy Granny said...

Love the photo!!