Sunday, April 20, 2008

Women in the Congo Benefit

My pal Jamie organized this event & my pal Nate Ashley will be playing there. If you live in or near Portland please join us at Plan B (1305 SE 8th St ) on April 24th. Women in the Congo get raped every day by "soldiers" with various items including wood chucks and bayonets which are not only psychologically damaging but can be damaging to reproductive health and can even result in death. The point of the assaults to to destroy these women and the Congolese government won't create a better justice system for perpetrators & worse some of the worst rapes are done by government troops.

So be a part of the healing and come to the benefit next Thursday starting at 8pm until 2am. Thank you for reading! Also if you belong to an area business & would like to donate a raffle prize, contact Jamie at


Jamie said...

Thank you, Frances! You're really awesome. I wish you could be here.
-- jamie

Sara said...

wish I was around - I'd go for sure, but being on the "wrong" side of the pond & not seeing any way I can flight to PDX I'll have to take a miss this time :-(