Sunday, May 11, 2008

8 Things Mixed Race Folks Don't Want to Hear

Love this! Diversity Inc. has a great article on what not to say or ask mixed race folks & they are on point. Author Yoji Cole recited 8 key phrases or questions that many of us get and are sick to death of. Story example are included so check out the whole article here. Here are the 8 very annoying & dehumanizing sayings/questions:

  1. "What are you?"

  2. "What is your nationality?" or "You look foreign"

  3. "You're all beautiful" or "You make beautiful babies"

  4. "Are you X or Y?" or "Which side are you more on?"

  5. "How in the world did your parents meet?"

  6. "You're the future" or "You have the best of both worlds"

  7. "You don't look …" or "You're not …" or "You sound white"

  8. "Aren't we all mixed anyway?"

If I had a dime for everyone of those I've heard, especially 1, 2, 3, 6 & 7. Anyway I hope everyone is well & I was happy to realize today that today's post is the 401st. I can't believe have wrote over 400 posts! Who knew this blogging thing would stick for me. And though I have been a little lax due to being so effing busy in other areas, I'm still so glad to have QWOC and all of you wonderful readers. Have a great mother's day!~F


Sara said...

WTF?!?!? You crack me up sometimes with your posts. This time it was the "you don't sound white" comment. Last time I checked colours didn't sound like anything, they were just colours ya know things your eyes can see (not hear)

I don't know how you don't deck someone who said that to you!!
Hope you had a good weekend :)

Much love from a girl who is apparenlty suppose to sound white - LMAO!!!

Fransky said...

Thanks for the love!
People are silly sometimes & I'm glad I have not decked someone but trust me... I thought about it.
Peace Sara!

Queers United said...

Well I don't think the "you're hot" should be offensive. I happen to think that mixed race people combining both genes tend to be very attractive.

the fruitfemme said...

This list was a great mother's day present! It is getting laminated & put up on the fridge! Thanks for passing it along! the ff

Fransky said...

Actually QU that is pretty offensive & utterly annoying. It would be like me saying someone is automatically "hot" because they're queer or old or young or white or were born in France.

I'm not hot because I happen to be multiracial. I'm hot because I'm hot. ;)

Also genetically there is very little difference between races.