Monday, May 26, 2008

Who Knew Domestic Partnership Really Does Come in Handy

A few months ago as some of you may remember I got domesticated. As in my partner & I registered with the state of Oregon as domestic partners. Well little did I know that it would come in handy already.
My beloved & I work for the same company & last week while I felt like I was nearly dying with the flu, my sweetheart needed to leave work early to take me to the doctors. When she asked if she could leave early she was told she couldn't because it wasn't she who was sick. But she explained that there was no way I could get to the docs on my own & her boss responded that she could only use emergency leave if we were married/domestic partnered. "Well we are" she said to her boss. So my poor sweetie had to go talk to HR about it & confirm, yes were legal & have been since March thank-you-very-much! So they let her take off so she could drive me to my doctor.

I had no idea we would be called to validate our relationship so soon and I had no idea that our workplace would be the entity to need our relationship to be legal. Crazy! I'm so glad that my love & I registered and realize even more how important it is for same sex couples to have equal relationship rights. If my sweet hadn't been able to get me to the doctor it would have taken me that much longer to recover & get back on my feet as a tax paying citizen. Anyway that's my story du jour. Peace!


Anonymous said...

That is so cool that you got to "test" your DP out so soon! Sorry you were under the weather, but I bet having your DP by your side sure helped! Another excellent example of why we need these relationship rights indeed!
We registered our DP in Oregon on the first day they became legal! :-D
Best of luck to you both!

Sara said...

well glad it all worked out, just sucks that you had to "prove" it to your boss - what is our society coming to that people can't just take our word when we say things anymore . . . sorry mini rant there. Just glad you're better, that's what's important!!!!