Friday, June 27, 2008

Burrito Fun

Okay so the longest time I heard about Chipotle mexican restaurants and how yummy their burritos are. But I had heard that they were owned by McDevils McDonalds and I loathe that fricking place no matter how many times Justin Timberlake tells me he's lovin' it. Anyway I found out last week that Chipotle is no longer owned by satan McDonalds! So I went with an open attitude & tried what appears to be their signature meal, the chicken burrito. Now a warning... if you eat there know no matter what you'll be ingesting a truck load of calories. So if you plan to eat there know you'll be taking in about 850-1100 calories. Yikes!

Anyway I ordered the food that looked a bit like this.
My Chipotle Burrito:

And oh dear gawd. It was the best quickie burrito I've had hands down in this city. I mean everything was spiced just right with a bit of tang, warmth & creaminess. I was floating in burrito heaven for sure. So my sweet & I headed there again a week later for veggie burritos with guacamole. As you can see from the pics above they were huge and very tasty. Anyway I'm now & forever a fan of Chipotle. May my waistline be spared!*

*I've recently lost 12 lbs and have 5 more to go!


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