Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Great article CNN's Anderson Cooper site ac360 on titled The Fallacy of Colorblind Post-raciality. It was written by Carmen Van Kerckhove of Racialicious. Here's an excerpt:

"Then why do people insist on claiming that they don’t notice color? Often, it’s because they are scared to death of being labeled a racist.

But here’s the thing. Noticing a person’s race doesn’t make you racist. What does make you racist is if you make assumptions about that person’s intellectual, physical, or emotional characteristics based on the race you think the person is.

And unfortunately, too many of us do make those assumptions. We’ve all internalized racist ideas – consciously or subconsciously – from our families, our environments, our media consumption, and more. Until we can understand that and begin to de-program ourselves, we cannot be truly “post-racial.”

Damali Ayo who some of you may remember as starting Reparations Day has her very own clothing line. And it's great! She's dynamic & so it's no surprise that her clothes are the same. And best yet the entire line is made with sustainability in mind. Plus where else can you get easy to wear fashion on a sliding scale price range. Check out CROW here.

And a bit of randomness with Arnold.

Do you think he actually punched that camel? I hope not!

Lastly is an announcement of sorts. Soon this blog will change it's name & possibly URL. QWOC has been good to me but I'm feeling the need to move on from that identity on the Internet & other places. No this is not some post-racial thing. I just feel that the way I see myself is far beyond socially constructed labels. The core of me is effected by such labels but does not make up the majority of who I am. An important & significant part, but not all. At all! So I'm working on the design & focus of the revised blog that will still discuss my being a queer woman of color, and intersectionality in general, but will not be the primary focus anymore. It's just part of me going to the next level in becoming myself.

Much love y'all!

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